Stunning Holiday Decor (and More!) at The Flower Bar in Larchmont

The Flower Bar in Larchmont

The Flower Bar in Larchmont

Looking to enhance your living space, or give a special gift to someone in your life? We can’t think of a better way to show someone you care than with a beautiful floral arrangement. For all things flowers (and so much more), check out The Flower Bar. We recently enjoyed visiting this Larchmont location and meeting owner Nancy White who gave us a tour of the shop and shared more about their offerings for the holidays.

Terrarium ornaments at The Flower Bar.
terrarium ornaments
Terrarium ornaments at The Flower Bar.
Holiday arrangements at The Flower Bar
Holiday arrangements at The Flower Bar.
Wreaths at The Flower Bar.
Wreath at The Flower Bar.

This includes a stunning array of wreaths and garlands, arrangements, and terrarium ornaments.  For wreaths, you can opt for a traditional or modern option such as their Pink Fun Wreath, Holiday Spice Wreath, or the Classic Wreath, to name a few options. They also have an impressive ribbon bar (this changes to a prom bar and a terrarium bar) after the holidays where you can pick your own ribbons and trimmings for your wreath. Offering an ode to beauty, along with a thoughtful touch, you know you’re in good hands at The Flower Bar. Read on to learn more about the plethora of options at this Westchester flower shop.

Holiday arrangements at The Flower Bar

Westchester Family: How did the idea for The Flower Bar come about?

Nancy White: Turning 50 was a milestone that led me to reevaluate what I was doing, career-wise. (Advertising). A friend suggested the New York Botanical Garden School of Floral Design and it sounded like something I would enjoy. I earned my certificate in floral design in April 2011. As part of the program I did an internship at The Flower Bar starting on Valentine’s Day weekend 2010.

Within a year, my husband and I owned the shop! From the very beginning, The Flower Bar has been all about delivering an extraordinary experience in the shop, online and on the phone. All of our employees are trained to educate our clients so they can make the best, most appropriate choice for their floral needs. The shop itself displays all the flowers with their names and price per stem so you can select what you would like, or allow one of our incredibly talented designers to make the selection for you.

Our unique vases, pots and plants are displayed to inspire. We currently have a “Wintergreen Bar” where you can select your ribbon and wreath/garland decorations. In the spring, we have a “Prom Bar” with a selection of keepsake bracelets, choice of ribbon, accents and flower. The rest of the year is for a “Terrarium Bar” where you can select your container, succulents, mosses, pebbles, glass, etc. With our guidance you can create your own terrarium or have us create one for you.

Ribbon Bar at The Flower Bar

Westchester Family: Why was it important for you to have the location in Larchmont?

Nancy White: I grew up in Larchmont and live within walking distance to The Flower Bar! My family still lives here, and both my husband and I are very active in the local community. I am currently serving as President of the Larchmont Chamber of Commerce and my husband is President of the Humane Society of Westchester.

Holiday arrangements at The Flower Bar.
Holiday arrangements at The Flower Bar.

Westchester Family: How do you find/curate your flowers?

Nancy White: When we took over the shop in February 2011, I didn’t know too much about flowers. I couldn’t even pronounce some of the names! I learned through trial and error which varieties had the best characteristics for their purpose. For example, for the shop I want my roses to have large heads, strong, straight stems and a large petal count.

If I’m buying for a wedding, I may choose another rose that opens quickly, and doesn’t last as long. I source my flowers from around the world, depending on where the best variety is available.

For example, all of my roses come from Ecuador. The best Lisianthus comes from Israel, Gerbera Daisies from Canada, and so on. You learn which farms have the best quality.

Many of my rose varieties are only grown by one or two farms, so they are not commonly found. We always stock a selection of popular rose colors augmented with seasonal colors. There are a few other flowers that we always have in stock, like Hydrangea, Lisianthus, Stock, Delphinium. We augment our basics with the freshest flowers of the season and when the weather is better, we are able to source garden-fresh flowers from local farms. It has taken many years to learn who has the best flowers at the best prices.

Westchester Family: What do you enjoy doing in Larchmont?

Nancy White: I am an avid sailor and we also love to cook and entertain. I also enjoy gardening and am planning a “cutting garden” in my backyard to use in the shop.

Flower Subscriptions at The Flower Bar.
Flower Subscriptions at The Flower Bar.

Westchester Family. Anything else to add about The Flower Bar?

Nancy White: We offer floral subscriptions and flower arranging classes for private groups of at least 10. Most of our clients are passionate about what we are able to do for them, and appreciate our high level of customization and customer service. I’ve also been told our flowers last a very long time.

We also have hostess gifts such as hand crafted chocolates by Brooklyn chocolatier Jacques Torres – we are the only source for his chocolates in Westchester. In addition we have an assortment of candles, growing candles, air plants, and other gifts. People can join our email list which provides tips on floral for the home and office and the latest in floral trends.

The Flower Bar Details

11 Addison Street
Larchmont, NY 10538
Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Sunday
Delivery options throughout Westchester