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Get to Know More About Elizabeth Kemler of The Sustainable Haven

Get to Know More About Elizabeth Kemler of The Sustainable Haven

Get to Know More About Elizabeth of The Sustainable Haven

Have you been to the Yellow Monkey Village in Cross River? This gorgeous oasis (which also happens to be across the road from Ward Pound Ridge) features a collection of houses where you can find O2 Living Sanctuary, Westchester Art Therapy, and the newly opened The Sustainable Haven

This rustic lifestyle shop and café serves as a haven where you can create your own space, connect, and elevate the everyday. This is signified by his large wooden communal table where you can connect, work, or watch your child as they enjoy one of the location’s many pop-up classes.

Additionally, the location is a boutique where you can find a selection of curated finds from environmentally-responsible companies as well as from artisans and makers based in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. Read on to learn more about its founder, Elizabeth Kemler and what you can expect to find at The Sustainable Haven!

Get to Know More About Elizabeth Kemler of The Sustainable Haven

Westchester Family: How did the idea for The Sustainable Haven come about?

Elizabeth Kemler: I have always dreamed of having a little cafe and shop with gorgeous items, coffees and teas from sustainable sources. I was an environmental activist for many of my younger years, and have long had a passion both for building community and design. A café/shop seemed the perfect way to blend these but somehow the time never seemed right. After the extreme COVID isolation, and just too much time spent at home behind my computer, I decided it was time to move my dream out of the ‘fantasy future’ file and into reality. Thus, The Sustainable Haven was born!

Westchester Family: How do you decide what brands to feature/curate?

Elizabeth Kemler: I’m interested in brands that have a commitment to environmentally conscious practices and/or have a social mission. I especially like working with individual artisans/makers and small companies, local whenever possible. I was pleasantly surprised to discover high-quality products available from so many conscientious brands!

Westchester Family: What are your goals for The Sustainable Haven?

Elizabeth Kemler: I love hosting events and classes in the space, especially for little ones. We just had a fantastic spring festival and I am definitely interested in doing more; possibly even one event for each season. At the end of June, we should have a beautiful patio for outdoor seating, which I’m really looking forward to! There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice cold brew coffee out in the sunshine.

Westchester Family: What do you love about Westchester? What are some of your favorite places?

Elizabeth Kemler: I truly love Westchester! I came from the city but it took me no time to acclimate to the slower paced lifestyle of these lovely suburbs. One of my favorite places is John Jay Homestead and their Saturday farmer’s market. I also really enjoy Stone Barns; their little café is so delightful and their hiking trails are truly magical. And my favorite town, hands down, is Pound Ridge. Scott’s Corners is the perfect blend of chic and small-town charm.  

Westchester Family: How can people find The Sustainable Haven?

Elizabeth Kemler: Visit us at the Yellow Monkey Village at 792 Route 35 in Cross River, Wed-Fri from 10:00am-3:00pm and Saturdays starting in July from 10:00am-3:00pm.