Main Street Pediatric Dentistry: when is a pediatric dentist right for your child?

Main Street Pediatric Dentistry: when is a pediatric dentist right for your child?

Finding the right practice for a child’s first encounter with a dentist can be daunting. Choose wrongly and children may view each visit with fear and anxiety. They may be too traumatized to learn about proper hygiene and nutrition. Make the right choice, however, and kids will have a relaxed, comfortable attitude about dental visits and can look forward to a lifetime of making good, proactive decisions about their oral health.

Main Street Pediatric Dentistry has been the right choice for two generations of Westchester parents. Started by Dr. Penny Resnick-Graulich in 1984, Main Street Pediatric Dentistry is a child-centered practice designed especially to make the most vulnerable humans feel at ease. “We are a team of women who are compassionate and caring,” Dr. Penny says of Main Street, which comprises herself and three other dentists, as well as a staff of 18, including Hygienists. 

What sets Main Street Pediatric Dentistry apart?

“We put a lot of work into making kids comfortable,” Dr. Penny says of her Tuckahoe office. “Our goal is to leave a lasting impression with your children that makes them excited to come back.”

All rooms are themed and decorated to emphasize fun. There is a puzzle room, a jungle room, and a cave-themed room, a la the Indiana Jones movies. Waiting areas display a nautical theme and include a video room and a hands-on room for children with sensory challenges. 

This attention to detail goes beyond surface details. Main Street’s philosophy is to treat children differently than adults, from the demeanor of staff to treating child-specific conditions to paying particular attention to how the child’s teeth, gums, and mouth are growing and developing. According to Dr. Penny, educating children about good oral hygiene is a major component of her work. 

Main Street welcomes ALL children

Parents of children with special needs have found Main Street Pediatric Dentistry to be a welcome practice for their youngsters. In addition to the sensory area mentioned above, Main Street dentists are trained to work with children who have a range of special needs. “These are some of my favorite patients,” Dr. Penny says. Treating special needs children requires specific skills tailored to meet those needs. “It can be everything from your tone of voice to respecting specific boundaries they may have, to tailoring treatment plans to their unique needs.”

Like many superheroes, Dr. Penny’s origin story is rooted in the trauma she experienced as a child. When she was 16, a dentist injected her with novocaine for the first time and she promptly fainted. She says: “That was when I decided I wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives and get them to love coming to the dentist.”

Dr. Penny is especially proud of the fact that close to 900 of her current patients are the children of patients who saw her in their early years. In addition to the practice’s clinical work, Main Street maintains a prominent profile in the community via outreach at local schools and libraries. 

To learn more about Main Street Pediatric Dentistry, visit their website or call them at 914-633-4440.