Meet Katya Libin: Holistic Leadership Coach, Advisor, and Founder of Katya Libin & Co

Meet Katya Libin: Holistic Leadership Coach, Advisor, and Founder of Katya Libin & Co

Meet Katya Libin: Founder of Katya Libin & Co

The dynamics of work culture is shifting. A combination of slowing down/working from home during COVID and embracing a new paradigm shift is providing a new pathway for women to succeed and create a life on their own terms.

Katya Libin, Westchester mom and co-founder of HeyMama and founder KL&Co, is passionate about this and wants to help women create and design the lives and companies of their dreams. Through her program at KL&Co, women and brands receive holistic coaching, heart-led leadership through one-on-one coaching, and a community-driven mastermind program. She also serves as an advisor to numerous brands and an inspirational speaker at events. Read on to learn more about her new company and how she can help you and your brand move past blocks to succeed.

Westchester Family: Tell us more about how the idea of Katya Libin & Co came about?

Katya Libin: Katya Libin & Co. came about after I had experienced firsthand the ups and downs of being a first time founder building a high growth startup. I met thousands of women in HeyMama and I saw that the experience was both exhilarating but overwhelming and isolating.

Coaching was something which personally changed my life and I knew that having a stronger support system earlier would have served me better. It was only when I noticed that the founders I sat on boards for needed a much more holistic approach than traditional executive coaching did I realize I wanted this to be my next chapter.

Westchester Family: Can you clarify what it means as a holistic coach vs. regular business coach.  Why is this work important to you?

Katya Libin: Holistic coach means that I work pulling in modalities that would be historically considered in the spiritual or wellness realm.

It means that I’m looking at the well being of a founder across her body, mind and spirit, not just her professional skills. It allows me to pull in various foundational principles I work off of instead of looking at how to solve a business challenge, I can take a step back to explore other factors in someones energy, daily practices, health and mindset that will hold them back or move them forward.

Katya Libin:

Westchester Family: How does this work different and/or compliments your work at HeyMama?

Katya Libin: It’s deeper, and it’s felt really incredible to connect with women on an intimate level instead of for a few moments at an event. I am definitely someone who likes to get in where it’s messy, and get to know people over a longer period of time, so it compliments it nicely as I’ve gotten to know so many powerhouses over the last eight years. Now, I get to be their coach to truly see them take off and achieve their goals and not burn out in the process.

The actual way I work has changed, because operating a business had me in my masculine energy field where this coaching practice keeps me in my feminine, deep presence, trust, love and connection are at the center. It’s been a huge breath of fresh air and I couldn’t have done this without that founder experience first.

Westchester Family:  Tell us more about your different services and how people/brands can work with you?

Katya Libin: I provide four ways clients can work with me, starting with a Business Clarity Workshop, which helps break down the overwhelm and support women in career transition or startup mode to focus and stay accountable. Then I have two 1:1 coaching programs, my core 4 month program which provides a results focused holistic approach to designing your life, moving past blocks and undergoing an energetic and mindset transformation to set you up for a new version of success.

For founders interesting in a more in-depth experience, my mentorship program is six months long and includes strategy, game changing introductions, IRL workshops and more to support business goals in very tangible ways. Finally, I do take on a small number of brand partnerships to work with companies closely who are craving community building, speaking, and workshops.

Katya Libin is the founder of HeyMama and Katya Libin & Co, a holistic coaching company that helps women up level and succeed.

Westchester Family: What advice would you give to first-time and/or new founders who are trying to get their idea off the ground?

Katya Libin:  My advice would be to prioritize your mental heath, spiritual practices and awareness so that you are building your business from a grounded place. It is easy to get swept up by fear, anxiety and overwhelm. The more you can look at building a business like a game that never ends, rather than one you have to win asap, the more you can enjoy and appreciate the pace you are at.

My second piece of advice would be to not compare yourself to others. It’s really a trap, and will only lead you to get in a mindset that is not conducive for your radical brilliance to shine through.

Westchester Family: What are some of your favorite things to do in Westchester?

Katya Libin: I have really enjoyed taking hikes at Whipperpool Park, having breakfast at Bluestone Lane in Armonk, taking classes at Equinox, and enjoying the amazing coffee at Beescakes, and chocolate at Mast in Mount Kisco.

Westchester Family: As a mom/business woman, what do you do to recharge?

Katya Libin:  I crave connection with nature, but there are days where bed is the destination. Whether it’s listening to music, snuggling with my daughter, journaling or watching a show, I really love my body having downtime. Not to mention, that Theragun is a massage in your hand!

Westchester Family: Anything else to add?

Katya Libin: I believe women are changing the way we work and are realizing that these systems aren’t working for us. I am passionate about furthering that conversation and normalizing a different way to work, a different way to approach entrepreneurship and love being a woman in her feminine power.

Learn more about Katya Libin and her services here.