Meet Caitlin Cuevo of Hoop with Cait, a Westchester-Based Hula Hooper

Westchester-Based Hula Hooper Creates Cool Brand from Hobby

Meet Caitlin Cuevo of Hoop with Cait

There is really no limit to what we can do whenever we want. We can all pivot, try something new, and create jobs from our passions. Take it from Caitlin Cuevo of Hoop with Cait who taught herself how to hula hoop by watching videos. This led to her creating her own brand of hula hoops that she makes by hand! She also regularly posts tips, advice, and hula hoop tutorial videos, which you can find on her Instagram page. Check out more about Caitlin aka Hoop with Cait, a Westchester-based hula hooper who turned her hobby into a cool brand.

Westchester-Based Hula Hooper Creates Cool Brand from Hobby

Westchester Family: How did you get into hula hooping? 

Caitlin Cuevo: I started hula hooping in 2014 after I attended Mountain Jam Music Festival in Hunter Mountain, NY. I always loved hula hooping since I was a kid, and I bought one on a whim when I saw a woman carrying about 20 of them over her shoulder that day.

I learned that there was a huge online community of hula hoopers and I taught myself by watching other peoples videos.

Westchester Family: When did you create your own spin on hula hooping?

Caitlin Cuevo: I started “finding my flow” maybe two years into my journey. The first few years I just did it for a hobby with my friends, but as I started progressing, I started falling more and more in love with it.

It made me feel unique and confident and more importantly, I love how it turned me into a much happier person in my day to day life.

Westchester-Based Hula Hooper Creates Cool Brand from Hobby

Westchester Family: Do you have any advice for someone who is intimidated to try hula hooping?

Caitlin Cuevo: If you have even a slight interest in trying, just do it! When I first started my journey, I wasn’t great at all, but I had such a great time learning and finding my way around the hoop. When we do things scared, they always have the biggest reward.. so don’t ever let intimidation stand in the way of having fun!

Westchester Family: You also have your own hula hooping line! How did that come about? And what do you offer?

Caitlin Cuevo: Once I started growing a bigger online presence, I wanted to see if I could offer even more into the community than just my teaching services. I started by just making some for a few people and some of my friends and once I felt confident enough, I opened up my own Etsy shop called HoopyHappyWell where I make hula hoops by hand. I’ve sold well over 500 hula hoops since opening and have customers all around the world!

Westchester-Based Hula Hooper Creates Cool Brand from Hobby

Westchester Family: What’s next for you/hopes for the future?

Caitlin Cuevo: I hope to one day open a unique movement studio that offers classes outside of traditional dance classes. There are so many varieties of movement meditation that I’ve seen online and I feel that our community would really benefit from having an in-person experience of that.

Westchester Family: How can people work with you in Westchester?

Caitlin Cuevo: You can get in contact with me through any social media platform through my handle @hoopwithcait or email me at [email protected]

I have a variety of services varying from children’s parties/classes, adult classes, one-on-one private lessons, special event performances, or if you ever need a hula hoop! My shop is www.etsy.com/shop/hoopyhappywell

Westchester Family: What are some things you enjoy doing in Westchester?

Caitlin Cuevo: I love trying all the different types of restaurants in Westchester, checking out any live music, and visiting all the waterfronts! (You’ll probably see me hooping at one of them and if you ever do, please come by and say hello!) Sightseeing in the fall with family is always such a beautiful and special experience as well.