Great Teacher Gifts

It’s the end of the school year, which means it’s a great time to tell your children’s teachers just how much you appreciate their hard work and guidance. Here are a few simple ways to say “thank you.”

1. Flexible Spending. Organize the purchase of a gift card from the entire class. For the teacher’s convenience select a store or website with a variety of items, such as The Westchester Mall, Target or Amazon.

2. Stock the Classroom. Teachers often use their own funds to purchase classroom supplies. Gather some parents and together restock supplies so they don’t have to.

3. Go Green. Consider buying a hardy plant for the classroom. It not only adds beauty and warmth to the environment, but it can be a great teaching tool when watering the plant becomes a student-shared activity.

4. A Treat that Keeps on Giving. Everyone likes a special sweet now and again. If you’d like to give a treat consider a goody that keeps on giving. Teachers will appreciate the philanthropy as well as the gift. Greyston Bakery makes delicious brownies — and now cookies too — in their Yonkers facility where jobs and training are offered to the most disenfranchised members of our communities. Find Greyston products at Whole Foods Market or online at greystonbakery.com.

5. A Personal Note. Expressing your appreciation in a heartfelt note is always appreciated. Let your child’s teacher know exactly how she positively impacted your child’s life this year. Let your child write a sentence or two or perhaps a drawing that expresses their sentiments as well.