Good Stuff (March 2011)


Slam Dunk!

Catch and Shoot is an electronic talking indoor basketball challenge that turns any ordinary room into center court! Helps to develop better shooting skills and catching skills since it shoots the ball back. Ages 6 and up. $24.99. Try & Buy Toy Store, 45 Washington Ave., Pleasantville. 769-2997.

Team Spirit

You don’t have to be on the on the court to show your love of b-ball. These basketball bookends stylishly hold any reading material. Judith Edwards Designs offers a wide variety of affordable, distinctive home décor products. $39 the pair. Country Willow, 230 Rt-117 By Pass Road, Bedford Hills. 241-7000. www.countrywillow.com.



Not Just “Knee” Pads

Note pads, note cards, invites – take your pick! All items can be printed in 24 hours and are completely customizable with any theme. Other services include party favors, gifts, bar/bat mitzvah invites, weddings, moving and birth announcements. Prices vary by style. Say Cheese & Thank You, 76 Main St., Irvington. 591-6277. www.saycheeseandthankyou.com.

Literary Sport

Local Connecticut author Robert Holland combines sports, music and mystery in Old Simon’s Bones. Young readers love how protagonist Hubble Parks maneuvers through his family of five siblings, masters playing guitar, plays basketball and solves a mystery. $12. Barrett Bookstore, 314 Heights Road, Darien, Conn. 203-655-2712. www.barrettbookstore.com.

Sports Fashionista

This bright basketball jewelry looks great on the wrist of any player. The bracelet has 14 small basketballs in a variety of colors on an elastic cord so it will easily slip on any size wrist. $5.99. www.sportsforher.com.