Fun First Day of School Traditions to Enjoy with Your Kids

First Day of School Traditions

First Day of School Traditions

It’s almost the first day of school! While this is an exciting time of year, it can also be a scary and uneasy time for some kids. To keep their spirits high, we are sharing a list of some easy first day of school traditions to kick-off the year. Bonus: many of these ideas are free! Happy first day!

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First Day of School Traditions to Enjoy with Your Kids

  1. Make a First Day Sign: A modern first day of school tradition seen on many parents’ social media accounts is the first day of school sign. You can keep it simply by writing the name of the grade they are starting and the date. Do this again on their last day to see how they have grown/changed. This is always a fun thing to look back on and have the memory of when they started school.
  2. Have a Countdown: Have your kids construct and make a creative countdown.  Ask them to write what they are excited about everyday until the final countdown on their actual first day. Additionally, you can also keep this simple by making a countdown on your family wall calendar.
  3. Have a Special Morning Meal: Make them their favorite breakfast for their first day. If they are old enough, have them help out the kitchen as you both prepare their special pancakes, waffles, or even something as simple as their favorite bowl of cereal.
  4. Enjoy an End of Summer Adventure: Before school starts, take your kids to local attraction. This could be a hike, picnic, nearby amusement park, or a trip to their favorite ice cream spot.
  5. Leave a Lunchbox Note: If your kids are bringing their lunch to school, leave a sweet note that they can read in the middle of the day from you. It can be as simple as ‘hope you’re having a great day,’ ‘thinking of you,’ and/or ‘I love you.’ These encouraging words can help them to feel comforted by you during the busyness of their first day.
  6. Make a Back to School Wish: Ask your child to make a wish for the year. Write it down and store it away where they look at it at the end of the year.
  7. Read Back to School Books: The beauty of many modern books is that the kids in the books are super relatable. Check out Butterflies on the First Day, Lena’s Shoes are Nervous for the First Day, or The Day You Begin.
  8. Have a Special Treat Afterschool: Connect with them afterschool or on the weekend by taking your kids out for a special treat. Firstly, ask them about school, how everything is going, and what they like. Secondly, keep things positive. Focus on the good parts of school as well as listen to any issues they may be having. Finally, have them pick out what the treat is.
  9. First Day of School Interview: On Pinterest, you can find many first day of school interview sheets where kids can write out
  10. Make a School Memory Book: This can be a simple journal that they keep and add to throughout the year. Some ideas include any art projects, awards, projects they are proud of. Additionally, this can be a journal where they share their feelings about school and/or anything else happening in their lives.
  11. Keep Things Positive: And even without all the bells and whistles, keep things upbeat by focusing on the good. Think of the school trips, new and old friends, cool projects, and more that your child will be working on throughout the year. Additionally, make sure your communication channels are open. This will help them to feel at ease to talk to you with anything that comes up during the year.