Dr. Poonam Desai’s Modern Age Concierge Medicine Practice

Learn more in our interview with Dr. Poonam Desai, board certified lifestyle medicine & emergency medicine physician.

Dr. Poonam Desai’s Modern Age Concierge Medicine Practice

Let’s all declare this year the year of disease prevention. Dr. Poonam Desai, a Westchester-based board certified lifestyle medicine and emergency medicine physician, deeply believes this as evidenced in her modern age concierge medicine practice. Through her practice, patients can get comprehensive nutritional, lab, and genetic analysis for a personalized program as well as metabolism training, sleep training, hormone optimization, courses, and virtual personal training.

You can also find more about Dr. Desai on her Instagram page (find her @doctoranddancer) where she shares evidence-based health education. This includes insightful videos and quick tips to help educate and inspire. Read on to learn more about Dr. Poonam Desai and her practice below:

Westchester Family: As a doctor, how did sharing your messages on social media come about?

Dr. Poonam Desai: I am a board certified lifestyle medicine and emergency medicine physician that utilizes a holistic, evidence based approach to patient care.

My social media started as a personal travel blog and over the years it became a form of sharing evidence-based health education. There is so much misinformation out there that I decided to utilize my social media to help educate and inspire.

Westchester Family: What is your goal/focus when you share online?

Dr. Poonam Desai: My goal is to educate and share health tips in a relatable way. I am a mom, I am a working mom thus I get how hard it is to take care of ourselves while trying to take care of the entire family. I share recipes, nutrition and fitness tips, and much more.

Westchester Family: We are entering a new year, what are some of the biggest health misconceptions moms (parents) still face?

Dr. Poonam Desai: That we see a doctor once a year when we are sick or just once a year in general. There is so much to gain from preventative, longevity focused medicine. Take care of yourself today to prevent many lifestyle related diseases that may show up tomorrow or years form now.

Westchester Family: What are some ways people can work with you?

Dr. Poonam Desai: I have an annual Concierge Membership, hourly consultations, same day sick visits, and house calls. You can find more about all of my services here.

Westchester Family: Tell us more about some of your services.

Dr. Poonam Desai:  I am board certified ER and Lifestyle Medicine physician that offers personalized medicine focused on anti-aging, longevity, and prevention of diseases.

I have a holistic, longevity-focused concierge medicine practice in Westchester. My practices focuses on root cause analysis, gut health, hormone optimization, sleep and mindfulness, medical weight loss, and more. I see my patients at least 4-6 times a year, I offer same day sick tele visits, and house calls.

Westchester Family:  What are some of your favorite things to do when you have downtime in Westchester?

Dr. Poonam Desai: I love to dance! I also love doing hot Yoga at Yoga Spark, working out at Barry’s in Scarsdale and exploring local parks with my daughter.

Westchester Family: What health advice/tips would you give to the over-stressed mom?

Dr. Poonam Desai: The best way to care of your children is to take care of yourself. It is really hard to pour from an empty cup.

Find more information about Dr. Poonam Desai here.