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Meet Daniel Sears: Founder of Neuro Energy Coaching

Meet Daniel Sears: Founder of Neuro Energy Coaching

Meet Daniel Sears: Founder of Neuro Energy Coaching

We live in an anxious and stressed out world. However, there are new ways to regulate our thoughts and its neural pathways. Enter Neuro Energy Coaching, a Westchester-based business that helps people understand and train their minds. Created by Daniel Sears, father, Air Force veteran turned life coach brain trainer and energy healer, who provides wellness training to entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, and elite industry professionals who are looking to level-up their lives and businesses. Read on to learn more about Daniel, Neuro Energy Coaching, and how this idea came about.

Westchester Family: How did the idea for Neuro Energy Coaching come about?

Daniel Sears: I lived much of my life dealing with learning disabilities, suffering from severe anxiety, and had a hard time understanding my emotions and my empathetic nature. After I retired from 17+ years in the Air Force, then coaching fathers and mentoring youth, I realized how much men’s mental health was being left by the wayside. I began meditation after a difficult and emotionally destabilizing divorce and found myself making changes in my life within weeks of meditating than in decades prior.

I knew that this was a gift I needed to share with others, and I was committed to learning how to be the best meditation teacher I could be. I studied Industrial Organizational Psychology as well as the work of some of the best meditation teachers and neurologists to deepen my understanding of the brainwaves and the power of the heart. I went through a journey of discovering myself and healing emotional wounds and certified in Reiki energy healing and Breathwork. I developed Neuro-Energy Coaching to simplify the process and bring my skills from my military training along with biofeedback technology and the newfound knowledge to bring this brain training work to companies to transform others lives just as I had mine.

Meet Daniel Sears: Founder of Neuro Energy Coaching

Westchester Family: Tell us a little about your background before you started your business.

Daniel Sears: I grew up in Arizona and moved around a few times when I was younger. I switched schools, ending up in New Jersey for high school. I went into the Air Force right after 9/11 as a Crew Chief and a specialist on the C-5 Galaxy, and later the C-17 Globemaster. Both are huge airframes, but the C-5 was such a unique aircraft to work on. At almost 250-feet long, 222-feet wide and 65-feet tall, it was like a flying building! I enjoyed the complexity and intricacy and was often troubleshooting large complex systems or removing some of the biggest components of the aircraft.

I led a tight knit team who was used to going to the extremes to get the job done. I learned how much a shared language and training was imperative in communicating well, and as challenging as they were, the training was a massive psychological reset. I went through extensive leadership training, which allowed me to learn how to cultivate my leadership skills.

I have an amazing little girl Kendall, who is now 11. My daughter, Kendall and I are such a dynamic duo and operate as teammates and I credit a lot of my skills as a father to my ability to break complex concepts down simply and get on her level. After I retired at the end of 2018 my (ex) wife was traveling quite a bit as an executive. With our blended family and my ex away from home so often, it made sense for me to be a stay-at-home dad to support our combined four kids. We began to invest in real estate and I became passionate about being a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children with abuse and neglect. I was highly involved with a program Dads of Great Students (DOGS) where I would go in to assist in the classroom, walk the hallways, and monitor lunch.

I also spent a period working with a friend who founded Trulee Health and Mint Pharmacy, a telehealth company and online pharmacy. I worked as the Clinician Coordinator, hiring and managing the clinicians. I handled sales, worked to tailor the user experience, and helped train the customer service team. I really enjoyed the experience it gave me, which was completely different from my military background.

I moved with my family to Westchester in 2019. I started Neuro Energy Coaching in June 2022 and quickly found that I could pull a lot of the psychological and physical aspects of my military experience into my coaching and meditation teaching.

Westchester Family: Who are your services catered towards?

Daniel Sears: I work mainly with men who are entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, and elite industry leading operators in their individual industries who are looking to level up. We all have our own inner sabotage traits that drive us and get in the way of our success. Often, these inner wounds become motivators that push men to the tops of their game, but when they arrive at their wealth, recognition, or success, they still feel unfulfilled. I’ve met many who are overindulging with material possessions and superficial vices, whether it be work, money, relationships, entertainment, alcohol, or something else while they are suffering it in silence.

When stripped down to the core, I see almost all these imbalances come down to one or more of the following three things: significance, comfort, or control. Humans like to have all three, myself included! Worst of all, many of my clients can’t put their finger on exactly what it is for them; but if they can, they don’t have any idea how to move through it in a healthy and sustainable way so that it doesn’t continue to be a trigger. Imbalances may manifest in negative thoughts, limiting belief systems, or habitual relationship patterns that they cannot step away from without feeling like they are white knuckling their internal reactions. Anger, frustration, aggression, and fear all drive negative and depleting stressors in the brain.

Stress is neither good nor bad, but when you have emotional blocks, stressors exhaust energy and attention, instead of fueling and motivating. I help clients rebalance, so they have fewer disrupting thoughts and can access their joy within the body, improve their focus, live happier and healthier lives and show up as the men and/or fathers they want to be.

Westchester Family: What does it mean to be a conscious man and how can you help others achieve this?

Daniel Sears: I would say a conscious man is one that is able to sit in the seat of awareness within his own mind noticing the thoughts, feelings and perspectives that are constantly spinning around without reacting or attaching to them. To realize and be accountable to the choice in everything, every point of view, every prolonging thought, every perspective, and opinion. They understand that the brain is just a computer system that is the processing center for us as a being. The whole body is the mind, and a conscious man is grounded within his body, knowing where certain feelings and emotions typically reside.

I help clients with a mental fitness plan to exercise the brain through strategic techniques and teach them how to leave the seat of awareness to dive into the body so they can discover themselves differently. I use bio-feedback technology to aid in guiding clients to different brain waves while training their attention. Through this process, they strengthen the protagonist areas of the brain that are associated with positivity, and quiet the antagonist. Somatic breathwork is one of the main tools to move through the body so they can uncover distinctive parts of their past that have created limiting patterns or emotional triggers. I also teach body work strategies that help clear the emotional charge from the past and ground them in their body while balancing their energy.

Westchester Family: Why do you think breathwork and meditation is important for parents?

Daniel Sears: There are numerous peer reviewed studies that show the benefits of a mindful meditation practice, but it also gives parents the ability to objectively see a difficult situation while they are with their children and handle it in the present moment with a deeper wisdom like a hero. Parents are doing a great job, but we all live such busy lives, and we see our kids all the time. If we’re honest, it’s so easy to be reactive or short with them, especially since it’s a child’s job to push boundaries. This becomes energetically exhausting, and meditation lengthens the time to reaction and fuels the positivity fuel tank. Meditation also helps parents heal inner child wounds so that they are stronger and more empathetic to the challenges they face with their children. Gratitude and heart opening meditations are amazingly connecting and help with our communication to our loved ones.

Breathwork is one of the most incredible tools to change the chemistry of the brain and access different versions of consciousness. We can use it to energize us, calm us, deepen our awareness, and it’s our first line of defense to interrupt negative thought patterns and change the nervous system. We teach teens how to drive, then hand them keys to their car. Teaching children breathwork is like teaching them how to use their bodies. Most of them already have the preverbal keys to their own freedom and choices, but not many of them have been taught about their body or how it all works… Let’s face it, a lot of parents still don’t know how it works.

Westchester Family: What are some of your favorite things to do in Westchester?

Daniel Sears: I love going bowling with my daughter, hosting movie nights in my building, BBQ’s with friends, discovering great trail walks and hikes, having sushi at Koku in Armonk, or picking up fresh vegetables at the CSA at Harvest Moon. The Blind Pig is a regular go-to for a date or guys’ night out.

Westchester Family: Anything else to add?

Daniel Sears: Coaching is not just for those struggling with areas of their life but for those who want to optimize and improve their performance, focus and clarity. Like a gym for your mind, I’ve seen clients become more successful through this work as they watch their perspective on life, shift the ways they show up for themselves and their community.

One of the best parts of this work is how it extends life longevity at a DNA level. That means not only the length of life, but also the quality of your health into the later years. I’m excited to support as many people as I can with this work.

Check out more about Daniel Sears here.