How to Create a Successful Back-to-School Morning Routine

How to Create a Successful Back-to-School Morning Routine
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Creating a Successful Back-to-School Morning Routine

We are almost back into the swing of the back-to-school season. We have been loving our Westchester summer but it’s time to get back to the routine of the school-year. Getting back into the swing of things is not easy! To help you (and us) out, we’re sharing a list of ways to create a successful back-to-school morning routine for your kids. Read on and stay calm!

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  1. Practice waking up early: Even though your kids (likely) get up early everyday, they probably aren’t used to getting up and having little time in the morning before they have to leave the house. A week before school starts, set the alarm to get everyone (including yourself) ready for the early morning mode. Try a “trial run” of what a school morning will look like. This can help so you and your kids don’t feel so scattered when the actual day comes. Personally, I like to wake up an hour before the kids. This helps me to start my day with quiet to focus on work and/or exercise. Plus, it’s a real treat to have a cup of coffee in quiet!
  2. Set an earlier bedtime: This goes on par with waking up early, but as we go back to the back-to-school mode it’s important to get quality sleep. For some kids this might mean getting an earlier bedtime. Try setting an earlier bedtime in 15-minute increments. This can be especially helpful if your kids’ summer bedtime routine was a bit loose during the summer. Eventually, lead up to their bedtime should be so it’s not such a shock when they have to go back-to-school.
  3. Talk about school: This can be especially helpful if you have younger kids who might be nervous or scared about their new year and/or new school. Talk about their exciting year ahead, visit the school (if possible), and read some school-positive books to help ease any discomfort.
  4. Remember the morning must-do’s: There are certain things your kids have to do before they leave for school. Create a simple checklist that outlines all the things they have to do before they leave the house. This includes brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing face, eating breakfast, going to the bathroom, making beds, getting dressed, and turning off the lights, to name a few must-do’s.
  5. Keep their breakfast simple: Get your kids off on the right foot with a healthy, nutritious, and simple breakfast. Some options include whole-fat Greek yogurt with cut up fruit, avocado toast, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, and a low-sugar cereal.
  6. Pick out clothing the night before: Start your morning off ready for success by picking out your kids’ outfits the night before. If you have older kids, let them pick out their clothing, making sure you have everything you need for after-school sports or other activities.
  7. Make lunches the night before: Just like your kids’ clothing, make their lunches the day before as well. If you have older kids, plan this together where you have lunches they like/eat and a healthy snack. Prepare after-school snacks as well for sports/activities. If they buy lunch at school, have this money packed in their backpack or available via their online system.
  8. Have the backpack packed the night before: After the lunches are made, make sure everything they need for the next day is packed and ready for school. For older kids, this might mean a fully-charged laptop to completed homework. Younger kids might have to have reading logs and homework completed.
  9. Stay positive: If all else fails, stay positive. With the franticness of the morning, it’s important to make sure they are happy and ready for the day.  Give them a kiss and send them off for their head on an upbeat note.

Going back to school is exciting for everyone but it isn’t always easy to jump back into that routine. A little preparation can go a long way to help you and your family kick-off the school-year on the right foot. We got this!