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How Westchester Holistic Coach Misha Vayner Helps Stressed Out Mamas

Westchester Holistic Coach Misha Vayner 

Westchester Holistic Coach Misha Vayner

Moms are stressed out, tired, and exhausted. We know, understatement of the year. But there’s help out there that can turn everything around where women can thrive and become a better version of themselves! Enter Misha Vayner, a Westchester mom and holistic health coach, who helps women heal from the inside out via her popular, Glow + Flow program. Through this program, and her private coaching, clients learn to embody their most vibrant, fully expressed, and healthy selves, becoming deeply fulfilled, connected, and joyful. Sounds amazing, right? Read on to check out more about her program, mission, and how she helps mamas completely change their lives.

Westchester Family: What led you to become a trauma informed holistic health and life coach?

Misha Vayner: I was someone who prided themselves on how well I took care of myself and my health and thought I was in optimal health and wellbeing. But after a series of stressful life events and having my first child, I experienced a complete health (and life) breakdown.

I received an unwarranted five million dollar lawsuit on my business that led me to closing it, leaving me broke, disconnected, hopeless and lost.

I struggled to lose stubborn weight, I couldn’t walk without excruciating pain, or even type or use any of my joints without pain for that matter, I had chronic migraines, insomnia, extreme anxiety, depression, mood swings, heart palpitations, night sweats, constant feeling of overwhelm, digestive issues galore – from bloating to nausea to indigestion and beyond, severe exhaustion, muscle weakness, rectal bleeding and essentially a total of 65 “unexplainable ailments.”

After struggling for years to figure out what was wrong and how to feel good in my body, I learned that the root cause of my health issues and the tragic impact it had on my life, was due to stress.

I worked with an array of functional doctors, healers and natural practitioners to heal. While I would make marginal progress, I continued to remain stuck. This included being stuck in my weight loss and physical ailments, stuck in my toxic mental, and emotional patterns. I was stuck in my lack of fulfillment in my marriage as well as stuck in my lack of confidence, self-worth, codependency, and seeking answers from the outside.

I was doing all the yoga and meditation, but nothing worked. However, a small part of me knew there had to be a better way. I continued to investigate what the root cause of my stress was that was. I wanted to understand what was causing this stuckness, misalignment, and disconnection.

As I continued to explore, I noticed the voice in my head. I began to notice that it wasn’t the extra carpools that were creating the stress. It was the experience I was bringing to the carpools and the every aspect of my life, through my toxic thoughts that were creating the stressful experiences in my body and life.

As I began to rewire my false beliefs that stemmed from past painful experiences (trauma) and conditioning and to more healthy, aligned and true beliefs and thoughts, I experienced a complete ripple effect in my physical, mental and emotional health. And then in my life.

Once I created inner alignment through healing these patterns, the mental and emotional stress was resolved. This healed my hormonal health, which resulted in a healthier metabolism, which resulted in weight literally dripping off, restful sleep, grounded energy, mental clarity, unshakable confidence and self worth, life fulfillment, a deeply connected marriage, a career change, and so much more.

We’ve been taught to look for answers outside of ourselves. This causes us to spin our wheels, seeking the next diet or fitness plan to help us feel better. The truth is, there are over 100 different dietary theories. They are all right and they could also be all wrong. You could spend your life playing proverbial wackamole, contining to add more stress as you seek answers outside of yourself.

There is actually stress-free and feel good approach to healing and thriving. Women were never taught this. Thus, it became my mission to help overwhelmed, time starved, burned out, struggling mamas and women. Women learn how to reclaim her health and life, from an empowered and ease-filled approach. This yields the most astounding results.

The truth is, when you create inner alignment through stress reduction, de-conditioning from the toxic patterns, our body comes into balance and it naturally functions optimally. When you are in balance, your hormones will naturally function properly, your body will crave whole foods. It will naturally want to go to sleep when the sun goes down and naturally wake up refreshed and energized.

The key isn’t externally seeking, but turning inward to bring your body into alignment and then learning how to understand your unique bodies cues and needs. This helps women successfully nourish the body with the aligned input, leading to optimal health and a fulfilling life.

Westchester Holistic Coach Misha Vayner 

Westchester Family: What services do you provide to help stressed-out Mamas?

Misha Vayner: I provide various ways for women to get out of the cycle of burnout.

ALIGN: Private coaching with an intimate, high touch private coaching experience. This includes six months of private coaching with calls three times a month, customized to your goals, 24/7 access to me via private voice and text messaging, access to a library of trainings, meditations, journal prompts, bonus and access to live bonus workshops, and a human design reading.

Glow + Flow Mastermind: This is a small group coaching experience with coaching calls, monthly workshops, women’s circles, a library of trainings, meditations, and journal prompts. There is also access to live bonus workshops, a human design reading, and a private Facebook group.

Women’s Circles: Monthly women’s circles. Drawing on the cosmic energy, in community with other women, within a sacred and safe space, we connect deeper with ourselves and one another. Wset new intentions, cleanse, and release toxicity. This allows women to fill their cups, allowing them to enter the world feeling more aligned, fulfilled, sparkly, and whole. This includes a guided meditation, journaling, and sharing.

Feel Good Wellness Private Facebook group: This is my free, online community where I provide daily tips, accountability, and support in a community of women on their wellbeing journey.

Westchester Family: Tell us more about your Glow +Flow program.

Misha Vayner: The Glow + Flow program is a six-month experience that guides you through holistically healing your system from the inside out so you can embody your most vibrant, fully expressed and healthy self and feel deeply fulfilled, connected, and joyful in your life.

It’s a full 360, holistic health and wellbeing program that takes you through a process of doing the deep inner healing, building deep intimacy and attunement with yourself and your body. I also empower you with the inner tools to self navigate your wellbeing and life with ease from within.

We cover all aspects of health and wellbeing from nutritional nourishment, sleep hygiene, movement practices, cycle syncing, stress reduction, trauma + inner child healing, self care and reparenting, emotional regulation, reclaiming self worth, creating aligned habits and practices.

Each month, there are two small group coaching calls where women get individualized coaching in community. This includes one live interactive workshop centered around a different focus area. There is also one women’s circle. This is where we go deeper into practices or areas that members feel they need more support. Finally, there’s one live bonus workshop with another healing expert teaching a new modality to support the members.

There is also a library of pre-recorded training modules, weekly and monthly journal prompts, more for additional education/support. We also have a a private Facebook group for 24/7 support and accountability.

Each member receives two private calls with me to be used over the course of the six months. They also get a personalized human design blueprint or reading to help them more intimately understand themselves and their bodies.

Bonus’ cover everything from emotional release, reclaiming your erotism, tapping into your pleasure, cycle syncing, breathwork, embodiment, and beyond.

There is also an in real life pod for those local to the Westchester/Connecticut area. We will meet in person once per month. The program starts on October 3rd!

Westchester Family: How can we work with you/find you in Westchester?

Misha Vayner: Visit me at www.mishavayner.com and follow me on Instagram @mishavayner

Westchester Family: Anything else to add?

Misha Vayner: I have a free private facebook group, Feel Good Wellness, filled with mamas and women on this journey. I provide free live coaching, trainings, accountability, tips, resources, and support.

I have a newsletter where I share tips, insights, any events, promotions, discounts or offerings. This is great way to stay in the know of what I’m doing and offering. You can join it here.

Westchester Family: Where are some of your favorite fun and relaxing (or fitness/health places) in Westchester?

Misha Vayner: I love O2 Living Sanctuary in Cross River. It is the most idyllic, charming, zen oasis for healing, restoration, and fulfillment. They have a yoga barn, apothecary, vegan cafe, and all sorts of nourishing wellness events and merchandise. We will be hosting our Glow + Flow in real life pod there!

I love Home Beauty and Wellness in Chappaqua. The moment I walk in there I feel at peace The yoga classes are phenomenal. Truly the best I’ve experienced since moving to Westchester. I’ve attended some of their events which have been magical and the wellness products they have are so thoughtfully selected and incredible. Deana, the owner, puts so much thought and heart into everything she does. You feel it throughout the experience.

I recently discovered JabFit in Chappaqua and thought it was the most cheery, fun and vibey place to be! They have fun classes such as hip hop dance classes, kickboxing, Tabata, and other ‘girly” classes that also give you a great workout. The vibe in the place is really hip, with neon colors, a coffee bar, and quirky art. I also love the funky and stylish merchandise. She has all the latest active wear and the experience is straight up “cool.”