Westchester Firefly Festival

Westchester Festival

Westchester Firefly Festival

This week, Westchester County Parks is hosting its yearly Firefly Festival, a perfect event for the whole family. The festival promises to be an illuminating and enjoyable experience, with various family-friendly activities. We can’t wait to head out to the Trailside Museum and enjoy a magical evening filled with twinkling fireflies, live music, fun activities, and delicious food. Here’s everything you need to know and where to snag your tickets before they sell out.

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The Trailside Museum & Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

The Trailside Nature Museum is a timeless gem steeped in history and natural beauty. With its establishment dating back to 1937, it stands as one of the oldest museums of its kind in the United States. Inside, visitors can delve into a diverse collection of mounted animals, Native American artifacts, captivating educational exhibits, child-friendly interactive displays, and nature-inspired artwork.

The museum is also home to the Delaware Indian Research Center, a treasure trove of books and artifacts dedicated to Native Americans, particularly the Delaware tribe. This invaluable resource, open to both students and educators, has been a cornerstone in the research endeavors of numerous authors.

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is the largest park in Westchester County, spanning 4,315 acres. Its diverse terrain and landscapes and its extensive network of wooded trails offer a wide range of activities throughout the year. Families can enjoy picnicking, lean-to camping, fishing, cross-country skiing, and sledding, all while being surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature.

The Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation was established in 1974 as a private, not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world and the connection between people and the land.

The Trailside Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for those planning a visit. During the end of June through the middle of September, the museum operates on modified hours, welcoming visitors Monday through Friday and closing its doors on the weekends.

Firefly Festival

Summer means late sunsets and nights filled with the twinkling of fireflies. June and July bring warmer temperatures, which means we get an annual visit from lightning bugs. In Westchester, we’re already beginning to see them fill our towns at night, making it a time of summer whimsy for our little ones. Westchester County Parks is bringing the wonder of nature to our families with its annual firefly festival.

The annual Firefly Festival offers an enchanting evening with delightful activities and games for children, various food trucks delivering tasty treats, and live music, creating the perfect atmosphere for families in Westchester. Something all families will love is the summer classic treat of s’mores, which will be offered at the festival.

The festival is scheduled for Friday, June 28th, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Registration is required for $15 per person, while children aged two and under can join for free. Head to Eventbrite to snag tickets for the entire family today.

Families can go to the family-friendly venue at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, located at Route 35 and 121 South, Cross River, NY 10576, and prepare for an evening filled with wonder and joy.

Westchester County Park Upcoming Events

Can’t make it out this week? Westchester County Parks is holding some incredible events all summer long. Head to Muscoot Farm for Animal Interactions, an opportunity for children eight and up to have one-on-one time with animals on the farm. Children will see, touch, and learn more about an animal of the farmer’s choice.

Children also have the opportunity to experience farm life at Muscoot Farm with the Morning Farm Chores experience. Kids can become farmers for the day and experience farm life. They will get to feed, clean, and care for the farm’s animals. This specific event is for children ages six to fourteen.

Another favorite activity is Park and Read. It’s a special outdoor storytime activity for children aged three to six. This event happens throughout three locations in Westchester County and is free. Parents can register for the park and read at the Lenoir Preserve, Kensico Dam Plaza, or Saxon Woods Park.

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