Westchester Camp Partners Share Why Camp Matters

Westchester camp partners
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Westchester Camp Partners Share Why Camp Matters

Are you in camp planning mode? Summer camp offers many incredible opportunities for kids for their social and emotional growth and development as well as helps them to master new skills, respect others, and gain a sense of responsibility. Read on to discover more about why camp matters from some of our Westchester camp partners.

Why send a child to summer camp?

“Students attending a camp receive benefits such as instructors with science expertise, an emphasis on hands-on experimentation, course material covering some required labs for Advanced Placement Biology for older campers, high-tech science experiments and more.”

 — Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNALC 

“Children benefit from attending a well-run summer camp with caring adults. Summer camp provides the opportunity to meet new friends and establish lifelong friendships. A quality program, such as Acres of Adventure, sees the camper first as an individual and then as part of a group. A quality program also offers diverse activities to engage any child’s interests.” 

— Cheryl Anstett, Owner/Director, Acres of Adventure Summer Camp


How do kids flourish at summer camp?

“At the Y, a common thread of inclusion, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility weaves through all our programs. Located on a beautiful 100 acres facility in Putnam Valley- we serve campers ages 4-14. Campers in our mini-camp, big camp, and leadership development programs participate in traditional camp activities such as swimming, hiking, ziplining, archery, and much more.

 — Shannon Sullivan, Director of Camp & Teen Services, YMCA Camp Combe

“Because camp is different from school, kids explore a new side of themselves that wouldn’t happen in a classroom setting. Kids are encouraged to explore and experience new things outside their comfort zone. They make new friendships and new memories that they will remember for a lifetime.” 

— Beth Fritz-Logrea, Director, Dance Academy Summer Intensive 

“Music in a small group setting allows our expert staff to design highly engaging activities that inspire kids to sing, play, and create. Exploring music — rhythm, song, and sound — allows multiple entry points for learners of all abilities and styles.”

— Ken Baum, Owner, River Rock School


How do kids with learning challenges enjoy their camp experience at your camp?

“Summer camp is a perfect opportunity for children of any age to forge new relationships, get out of their comfort zones and learn to challenge themselves. Green Chimneys Summer Camps offer an inclusive environment open to children of all abilities, recognizing the individuality of every camper and that camp is not one-size-fits-all. The staff works with all campers to help them feel successful, knowing that the definition of success is different for every child.”

 — AJ Johnson, Camp Director, Green Chimneys

“The overall focus of our camp is on positive reinforcement. We focus on the individual child- programs are designed for children to succeed. In cases where extra support or accommodations are necessary, we provide smaller camper-to-counselor ratios to integrate individualized support into the program to promote success. Children will have a wonderful summer through skill-building, problem-solving, and developing confidence.” 

— Mike Halpern, Director Youth Services, Mosholu Day Camp


How important is keeping campers and staff safe from illnesses?

“Our camp was safely open each of the past 3 summers without interruption from COVID because of cleaning and hygiene protocols, excellent communication and cooperation from families. Protocols continue even though we are hopefully out of the worst of the pandemic, and we continue to have a certified health professional on site.”

— Chrissy Colagrande, Care Bear Director and James Mastrangelo, Explorer Program Director, Chapel School Summer Program

“At our camp we greet each camper with hand sanitizer when they check in for the day. Before snack, each camper gets a spritz of hand sanitizer and after snack before they go back out into the gym they get another spritz. The same process happens before and after lunch as well for the campers that stay full day. At the end of the day, on their way out of the gym during dismissal, the campers get hand sanitizer again.”

— Rachael Rosenberg, Camp Director, GymCats Gymnastics