Time for Some Mom Self-Care

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Time for Some Mom Self-Care

I need to relax. When I ‘say’ relax, it’s not going off to a spa vacation or even getting my nails done. Although this would be lovely. By relaxing, I mean, I need to calm down. And hey, this is no pity party. I, like other parents, are stressed out. More than ever, we have many balls up in the air, and while skating by has been exceptional and even necessary these last few months, I like for my kids to have a good impression of their mother. Many of us either thought or hoped that the COVID-19 pandemic would last only a few months. And while most of us have become teachers, special needs therapists, school nurses, and all-around cheerleaders for our restless kids, we have also become burnt out. While I believe that kids can handle seeing a parent not always seemingly together, there comes a time, and now, at least for myself, is the time to snap out of this frazzled mood. Yes, life is in a state of limbo historically like never before, but it also is this way for our kids, so let’s learn to live this ‘new normal’ and enjoy it step by step. 

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