The Perfect Pet

If your children are clamoring for a pet take a moment to think the commitment through. Just as no one is perfect, no pet is perfect. You can, however, find the perfect pet for your family. It might take some time and consideration but, trust me, it will be time well spent.

According to well-regarded word of mouth there are some truths that are inescapable. The most important being that no matter how well intentioned your children are their initial enthusiasm for the pet will wane. In parent language that means they may adore the family pet, but walking or feeding it – well, not so much. You can write up a responsibility list and chore sheet – that’s a good first start, but be prepared to stand your ground. Either that or know going in you are going to be the primary caretaker for this new member of the family. After all, you are the adult. Your children, well, they are children. One thing you don’t want to happen is to make your pet the source of ongoing conflict.

Local mom and writer Elisa Bremner found a good solution when she explored the foster pet option. Inviting foster pets into your home gives the entire family a chance to try out the reality of having a pet. It’s also a great lesson in unconditional love and true generosity. Children (and adults) are very good at wanting to “have” things, but how about “giving” instead? Giving a home to a foster pet does not mean sole ownership, but it does mean giving the pet quality treatment and lots of love while it’s in your home.

And since it’s the beginning of the New Year and many of you are making positive resolutions we’ve included several interesting articles on healthy eating. Learn how to make better meal choices, what fun books to read to your child to reinforce the healthy eating message.

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead filled with great promise and a satisfying home life.

Happy New Year!

Jean Sheff