The Christmas Tugboat

A true story written by a husband and wife, George Matteson and Adele Ursone, who had the delighful honor one year of tugging a towering pine tree down the Hudson River to become the celebrated Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Their young daughter accompanied them on the adventure and they tell the story through her eyes in this delighful picture book ideal for holiday reading. With original paintings by James E. Ransome, the book evokes the magic of all things bright and wonderful, as this local family shepards a stately pine down the Hudson River to become the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

If your family has visited the tree, this is a wonderful back side story into what it takes to make the magic happen. And even if you have just seen the tree on televison, this book can make the family feel more connected to the tradition. 

The Christmas Tugboat, Clarion Books, 2012. $1799. Avaiable on amazon.com and other booksellers.