Special Needs Resource Guide 2019

We are fortunate that in our area services and support for children with special needs is growing. While there are still needs to be met, parents today have greater options for their children when it comes to special needs education, recreation, therapy, support, and camps.

Parents of special needs children have told us that despite additional services and programs it is still difficult to get information. To help, we have compiled an online Special Needs Resource Guide.

Log on to westchesterfamily.com and select the tab, Special Needs. It will bring you to a section that is available to you at any time for the following information.

Classes for Children with Special Needs

These facilities, groups, classes, and sport programs in Westchester County offer activities for kids with special needs afterschool, on weekends, and during school vacations.

Special Needs Camps

There are a growing number of camps in our area that specialize in serving the child with special needs. Here you will find some options.

Schools for Children with Special Needs

Find the best schools, preschools, and summer programs in Westchester County for kids with behavioral, developmental, and physical disorders.

Special Needs Sports and Recreation Center Programs

There are a number of sports leagues and classes, plus recreation center programs in Westchester for your child with special needs. Sign up for swimming, soccer or baseball.

Services and Support: Educational, Therapeutic, and Supportive

These organizations in Westchester County offer therapy, treatment, and education for children with special needs.