Scoop: Traverse Insurance – Enjoy the Ski Slopes, Let Traverse Take Care of the Rest

Traverse Insurance

Already booked your winter getaway at a New York ski resort? That means it’s time to get your ski equipment covered! As NYC parents, we know how these ski trips go. Our kiddos challenge each other on the black diamond course or race each other on the bunny slope, and next thing you know, there’s a bent ski or broken snowboard. But you want your family to enjoy themselves on the slopes and not be afraid of trying new skills or taking on that race. That’s why Traverse Insurance is here to cover your ski equipment, whether it’s lost, stolen, or broken!  

Traverse is backed by Travelers, a trusted insurance company that has been in the business for over 165 years. We love Traverse Insurance because you get to cover exactly what you need, and pay for nothing else. Simply choose the category that you want to protect, such as sporting equipment, and only pay for coverage of those items. When you get coverage with Traverse, you’ll cover all of the items in the coverage class you choose. On top of that, getting it has never been quicker, easier, and more affordable! With our busy NYC lives, it’s truly a gift to be able to sign up for coverage in three minutes or less. 

Traverse is also all about flexibility— finally, an insurance company that gets it! Our lives are always changing as our kids grow up, our families get bigger, and we move around from place to place. That’s why there’s no long-term contract, and you can change your mind anytime you want. Maybe next year you decide to skip the family ski trip and no longer want coverage. Cancel anytime, and you’ll even get a refund for the remaining time period on your subscription. Say you already have coverage for your phone and your little one’s musical instrument through Traverse, and now you want to add on sport equipment coverage for your ski trip. Simply add it to your customizable, build-your-own insurance! 

And did we mention that Traverse covers any brand, any type of ski or snowboard equipment, new or previously owned. From skis to boots and boards to helmets, Traverse has your back. And it’s not just your skis that get protection. Your bag that carries your ski equipment is just as important, as are your special pair of ski boots. Traverse covers what you want to cover so that you don’t have to worry while you’re having fun and making family memories on the slopes. 

Traverse even offers zero-deductible plans for your ski equipment and liability coverage. 

Ready to cover your ski equipment (or other items) with Traverse? Head to traverseinsurance.com and check out their super helpful FAQ and sign up for any of their policies!

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