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Littman Krooks – Estate Planning For Young Families

Those with young families may believe they are either too young to engage in estate planning, are unable to afford it, or simply do not have the time. Estate planning for young families is essential. No matter your age, no one can predict when either illness or injury could occur. Without proper legal documents in place, emergencies will be exacerbated by a lack of appropriate legal direction. For this reason, planning is essential for every young family.

A new crop of online estate planning programs appears to offer a quick and easy way to prepare these vital documents. The online option may appear to be less expensive upfront, but it could cost your young family more money in the long run. Without a proper expert to guide you throughout the process, it is almost too easy to miss important considerations you may have for your family upon sudden illness or death.

There is value in working with an estate planning attorney as you have the opportunity to discuss your specific situation, no matter how simple or complicated you believe it to be.  An estate planning attorney will hope for the best but plan for the worst. The team at Littman Krooks can provide you with clarity and assist in the preparation of your young family’s estate plan to ease the process.

Their team is available day, night, and weekends to help you plan. You can meet with them via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or any other virtual platform. Please call 914-684-2100 or 212-490-2020 or visit their website at littmankrooks.com

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