School Bus Etiquette

If your child is the only one at his bus stop things are probably pretty simple. But add another child or two, or three, or more and mayhem can ensue. Proper school bus stop behavior enhances safety too!

Here are a few rules to establish for a pleasant and safe morning.

• Arrive at least 5 minutes early so children don’t have to run to make the bus.

• Children and adults should stay as far from the road as possible while waiting. Commuters are also using the roads in the morning. Kids can pace out the distance if you instruct them to stand back five giant steps.


• Parents driving children to a bus stop should park their car so that it does not interfere with the traffic on the main road or in the community.

• Teach children not to run, push or shove at the bus stop for safety reasons. Rowdiness at the bus stop means the kids will be more likely to carry that behavior onto the bus.

• If children wait near a neighbors yard make sure they know not to pick flowers or shrubs.

• Catching up with neighbors is fine, but parents at the school bus stop should first and foremost pay attention to their children.

•  Have children wait until the bus comes to a full stop before moving toward the school bus to board.

• Children should board the bus in a single file and use the handrail.