Therapeutic Education and Support in a Nature-Based Setting at Green Chimneys School!

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Green Chimneys School is an accredited special education program for students in grades K-12 who benefit from a highly structured and supportive setting. Therapeutic day and residential programs include an enriched curriculum for individualized academic, behavioral and emotional support, based in experiential learning. An innovative nature-based approach integrates animal-assisted activities, horticulture and outdoor exploration into treatment and education programs for enhanced learning and development.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that, if children are given a chance to explore and discover their inherent strengths in a safe and structured nature-based environment, their self-esteem, coping and social skills will improve. The concept of an enriched treatment setting that brings people together with animals and plants in a mutually beneficial relationship lies at the foundation of our approach.

At Green Chimneys, learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Two campuses provide a therapeutic education curriculum featuring a vast array of programming, including life skills, music and art, outdoor education and vocational opportunities. We strive to give students every opportunity to be a part of the environment, discover their own special talents, and develop the skills and confidence to grow into independent young adults.