Picture Perfect Prom Locations in Westchester

Prom in Westchester
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Picture Perfect Prom Locations in Westchester

With prom season just around the corner, Westchester students look forward to capturing memorable moments with their friends and loved ones. To help make this special occasion even more unforgettable, we’ve compiled a list of five enchanting locations that provide the perfect backdrop for prom photos.

Whether you’re looking for a picturesque garden setting or a scenic waterfront view, Westchester has it all. Get ready to strike a pose and capture those precious memories at one of these five breathtaking locations.

Be sure to check out Operation Prom at the Westchester County Center

Untermyer Gardens

Untermyer Gardens is a timeless choice for prom photos. The garden’s unique layout and stunning architecture provide a captivating backdrop for prom-goers looking to capture long-lasting memories. Take pictures in the walled garden area inspired by Indo-Persian tranquility gardens divided into four quadrants, or head down to The Vista, where you will find descending stairs leading to a breathtaking view of the Hudson River. You can also capture the perfect moment by the Temple of Love, offering more stunning views of the Hudson River and a newly renovated waterfall; this backdrop will be ideal for any photo. If the Temple of Love is packed with people taking their pictures, prom-goers can walk alongside the temple and take photos near the Rock and Stream Garden. This space offers views of the temple, the garden, and the Hudson River. Untermyer Gardens is adorned with blooming flowers and delightful additions, offering ample space for everyone to unleash their creativity and capture their unique prom photo memories. The possibilities are endless. 

The Scenic Hudson RiverWalk Park at Tarrytown

The Scenic Hudson RiverWalk Park, located in Tarrytown, promises breathtaking views all year round. This park is part of the county’s 51-mile RiverWalk and is situated next to Tarrytown’s Pierson Park. With the Hudson River flowing gently alongside and a beautiful view of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, this location is perfect for capturing stunning images that will last a lifetime.

Riverfront Parks and Piers

Westchester County is lucky to have several cities with breathtaking riverfront parks. These parks are not only perfect for family outings and weekend getaways but also serve as an ideal backdrop for memorable prom photos. The panoramic views of the sparkling river and lush greenery make for a truly enchanting experience. Moreover, the well-manicured gardens and walking trails offer ample photo opportunities year-round. Whether you’re looking to capture a candid moment with your date or pose with your friends for a group photo, Westchester Riverfront Parks will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse

The Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse is worth considering if you’re looking for a stunning location to take your prom photos. Located just a short walk from the Scenic Hudson Riverwalk Park in Tarrytown, this location offers a breathtaking view of the Tappan Zee Bridge, lighthouse, and Hudson River. The serene and picturesque river view provides a perfect backdrop for a memorable prom photo shoot.

With its stunning view and unique character, the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse promises to make your prom photos stand out. The location is perfect for capturing unforgettable moments with your friends; the images will become cherished memories for years. So, if you’re looking for a location that offers natural beauty, architectural elements, and historical significance, the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse is a must-visit spot for prom photos.

Lasdon Park, Arboretum, and Veterans Memorial 

Lasdon Park, Arboretum, and Veterans Memorial is a beautiful public park spanning 234 acres in Somers, New York. The park boasts various features, including gardens, woodlands, meadows, and a one-acre entrance garden filled with plants, shrubs, and trees worldwide. In addition to these natural wonders, Lasdon Park is home to memorials and a museum honoring Westchester veterans. With its natural beauty, this park is one to consider for the perfect prom photos.

Be sure to check the photo regulations for each of these spaces, as some may require permits, depending on the type of photos you want. Happy Prom Season!