Resources and Help for Picky Eaters in Westchester

Picky eater

Resources for Picky Eaters in Westchester

Having a picky eater can be extremely difficult. It may seem that no matter what you do, you can’t get your child to eat differently and/or try new foods. However, picking eating isn’t always just because a child doesn’t like a certain food. It could be caused by hypersensitivity to taste, textures, and smell as well as poor oral-motor skills or learned habits. To help you out, we are sharing a list of resources for picky eaters throughout Westchester County.

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Westchester Therapy Solutions

In this therapeutic modality, they work with the child to help them improve their relationship with food. This includes working with pediatric occupational therapists and speech language pathologists who help to improve a child’s relationship to food by accepting a variety of tastes and textures. Through this therapy, picky eaters will adapt their palates as they learn how to try new foods. Parents and caregivers should remain diligent and patient as they follow the subscribed protocols as this can take weeks.  450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 412, Harrison, NY 10528 

Speech Language Feeding by Isa Marrs

Through this language practitioner, Isa Marrs, starts with a phone consultation. This helps to determine if the eating issues are physiological, behavioral, or neurological. As a part of her solutions, parents are asked to keep a food diary as well as to pack a lunch of specific foods. Isa can determine a feeding plan, a course of recovery, a feeding evaluation, and/or feeding therapy. Services take place via Zoom as well as in their Briarcliff Manor office or in their Hopewell Junction office. Families should call 914-488-5282 for a consultation.

Erica Goss Goldman Services

Erica Goss Goldman works with families who have eating issues. This may be related to sensory motor and/or behavioral feeding issues. Erica uses a range of techniques for picky eaters. This includes sensory–motor therapy, the SOS approach, behavioral intervention, food chaining, or a combination. With picky eaters, and all therapy, parents will be an active part of bringing these tools and techniques into the home.  272 North, Bedford Rd #101, Mt Kisco, NY 10549; 917-826-0409.

Eat, Talk, Learn

This company specializes in a range of service for kids, including feeding therapy. Through this practice, picky eaters are given an evaluation and treatment plan. This covers a range of feeding and swallowing solutions to help your child. They can address your child’s feeding, swallowing, and oral-motor skills. Sometimes these issues go beyond “not liking” a certain type of food. The child may have issues with texture, oral motor weaknesses, experience gagging when they eat, behavioral issues, and more. Additionally, Eat, Talk, Learn works with your child for a specific course of treatment. This is done both in your home and/or in their office. Finally, reach out at [email protected] or call 908-451-4435 to learn more.

Malina Malkani Nutrition

Dr. Malina Malkani offers a range of service as a pediatric dietitian. For picky eaters, find her online picky eating course. Called ‘Solve Picking Eating,’ the course is designed to help parents of kids ages 2-11. This includes access to 12 videos you can watch anytime and on your time. Additionally, families can find printable PDFs and resources to help their picky eaters. Finally, e-mail Malina at [email protected] for additional questions.

Kidz Therapy Services

Kidz Therapy Services offers feeding therapy for kids who have an aversion to certain foods. Additionally, they help kids who have muscle weakness and difficulty with swallowing and chewing. Picky eaters learn to slowly make new food choices as they try out new textures and expand their flavor profiles. Additionally, kids will also use their exercise program to target specific areas of weakness. 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 412, Harrison, NY 10528 and 311 North Street, Suite 406, White Plains, NY 10605.