Registration Opens for Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for Children with Serious Illnesses

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Registration

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Registration Opens for the Summer

While late actor and director Paul Newman was known for his movies, he was also known for his philanthropic work with Newman’s Own Foundation. Incredibly, he also created a camp in 1988 called The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Here, seriously ill children and family members can attend sleepaway camp – and enjoy experiences throughout the year – completely free of charge. Read on to learn more about this incredible camp option and how to register.

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Registration

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Located in Ashford, CT, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp recently announced that they are opening up registration for this summer. This is specifically for children (ages 7-15 years old) with serious illnesses and their families in the Northeast region. The camp provides a “different kind of healing,” providing kids with a traditional camp experience for seven weeks

This includes shared cabins and a full range of activities. This includes boating, swimming, a high ropes course, arts and crafts, performing arts, archery, fishing, woodshop and more. Activities are managed in a way that all campers can participate should they choose to do so and none will fail. The day is packed and exciting for kids that also includes a rest hour, a community dinner, an evening activity with s’mores by the campfire, and much more.

Kids in the program have cancer, serious blood diseases, immunodeficiency, and metabolic diseases. Additionally, campers  may have rare diseases like primary hypertension and more, along with one session dedicated to their healthy siblings. To be eligible, children must live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic regions and have a qualifying medical diagnosis.

“Hole in the Wall has had the immense privilege of bringing joy, hope and healing to children and their families for the past 35-plus years,” said camp director Alan “Pendo” Pender. “Every summer, we see children bond with others facing similar challenges and learn they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible.”

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Grounds

At camp, kids sleep in cabins with seven to eight other kids, as well as four counselors. Campers typically come from New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island), as well as New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Registration

Staffing and Services

In addition to summer activities, there is a full-time medical staff at the camp. This includes pediatric physicians and nurses. They are available 24 hours a day to attend to the medical needs of the campers.  Additionally, medications and treatments are brought to the child whenever possible so that campers won’t miss anything. Additionally, they have a medical facility to provide treatments to kids. This includes medications (oral, IV, IM, subcu), IV infusions (medications, fluids, nutrition), G/J-tube feedings, chemotherapy, central line care and more.

Family Weekend

During the summer, they also offer a family weekend camp from May 30th-June 2nd. In this program, families, along with kids from 5-15 years old, can enjoy camp activities with their kids. The fun range of activities offered includes a performance, archery, wood shop, arts and crafts, fishing, climbing tower and more. Every family is provided with a pal who serves as a host and someone who encourages families to participate in activities.

They also offer rare disease weekends for families with kids. These children do not currently attend summer sessions. In these situations, the family attends camp with their child.

Sibling Program Eligibility

Additionally, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp offers an opportunity for siblings of diagnosed campers. They are able to participate for a session at camp during the week when the camper.

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Details

565 Ashford Center Road
Ashford, CT 06278

For those interested in learning more about Hole in the Wall’s Summer Camp program or applying to attend, visit holeinthewallgang.org/programs/summer-camp.