Exploring the North County Trailway in Westchester

,Exploring the North County Trailway in Westchester

Exploring the North County Trailway in Westchester

Westchester is known for its natural beauty. With access to mountains, endless greenery, and even mini waterfalls, you could spend days exploring all the natural wonders that are in our collective backyard. One experience to get on your radar is a visit to the North County Trailway. This incredible 22.1 mile paved trail is great for exploring. You and your kids can walk, bike, scoot, or simply soak in nature. Check out more about this fun trailway that’s perfect for summer — and beyond.

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North County Trailway history

Interestingly, the North County Trailway is located what was formerly known as the Putnam Division of the New York Central Railroad. Once called the “Old Put,” the line was in operation from 1881 to 1958, serving commuters from the Bronx to Putnam County. The entire trail is called the Putnam Right-of-Way trail, which includes 36.2 miles in Westchester with 22.1 miles of this being the North County Trailway.

The remaining trails include the Old Putnam Trail, the Putnam Trailway, and South County Trailway, which covers 14.1 miles from the south of Eastview to the Bronx.

On the North County Trailway, you can actually see historic marker plaques of some the former stations such as the old station at Railroad Park in Yorktown Heights and the Briarcliff Manor Station, which is now a library.

Exploring the North County Trailway in Westchester

What part of Westchester does the North County Trailway cover?

The North County Trailway runs from Eastview in the Town of Mt. Pleasant, to Baldwin Place in Somers. It continues north into Carmel in Putnam County for 12 miles as the Putnam Trailway. This includes a path that runs from Mount Pleasant, Yorktown, Millwood, Briarcliff Manor, Eastview, Ossining, Somers, and Baldwin Place.

Exploring the North County Trailway in Westchester

Benefits of the trailway

One of the best parts for kids and families is that the trail is paved and relatively easy. There are also no cars or vehicles on the trail, providing a smooth experience for riding, biking, skating, and walking. This is also great for learning how to ride or scoot, too has with smooth asphalt instead of bumpy paths at most parks.

Dogs are also permitted on the trail and it is wheelchair accessible. It is also covered in trees, making it really shady and cool which is beneficial over the summer.

The trail is also a great entryway into long hikes/walks for families. You can start out small by walking two to three miles as you build up to an increased distance. The trailway also allows for variety where you can start at different points, exploring a different area of Westchester as well as a different part of the trail.

More exploring and stops along the way

When walking the trailway, you might want to break up your adventure by stopping at some of Westchester’s many attractions. Some along and near the path include: Gedney Park, Muscoot Farm, Kitchawan Preserve, Yorktown Museum, Hardscrabble Wilderness Area, Warburg Park, Turkey Mountain Park, Graham Hills, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, V.E. Macy Park, Dunwoodie Golf Course, and Tibbetts Brook Park.

Train stations near the North County Trailway

You can also access some of the trail points from the MetroNorth. This includes the Brewster station in Putnam county, Van Cortland Park from the 1 or 4, or the Pleasantville station.

Parking near the North County Trailway

Plan your trip and points of interest by checking out the map of the North County Trailway. Here, you find parking spots, trail access points, and even get a look at the location of future trail spots.

Parking for the North County Trailway is available at the Eastview Park and Ride lot in Mount Pleasant; Route 117 in Mount Pleasant; the Briarcliff Public Library; Route 100 in Millwood; Station Road in Millwood; Route 134 in Yorktown; Croton Heights, Route 118 in Yorktown; Town Hall, Underhill Avenue in Yorktown; Railroad Park in Yorktown Heights; Mahopac Avenue in Somers and Baldwin Place in Somers.

Happy exploring!