New York is My Playground Book Review

Jane Goodrich, a professional children’s photographer and Larchmont mom whose artistic work has graced the cover of Westchester Family, has just released a new photo book, New York is My Playground. The book, published by POWkids and available in stores and online this month, features vibrant and exciting kid-centric portraits in a fresh, moving homage to all who use New York City as their playground.

“Kids can find wonder in life anywhere – it can be a leaf or counting flowers in their garden, jumping over fire hydrants, running through sprinklers or walking along cracks in the pavement,” says Goodrich, who grew up in England and fondly recalls how she and her sister turned the streets near their home into their own personal playground. “Kids don’t need to be entertained to have fun. It doesn’t have to be a playground or a field or a planned trip. Kids find wonder in anything and that’s what I capture in my book,” she says.

For Westchester families, Goodrich says there are plenty of wonderful places to explore that are right in our own backyard. Here are some of her local favorites:

  • Boating Fun: Harbor Island in Mamaroneck
  • Sandcastles and a Splash: Rye Town Beach
  • Lovely Sunsets: Flint Park Nature Trail and Playground, Larchmont
  • Scenic Nature Walks: Leatherstocking Trail, Mamaroneck
  • Bikes, Strollers and Beaches: Glen Island in New Rochelle

See janegoodrich.com or email her about photo sessions at [email protected].