From Hobby to Business: How this Westchester Mom and Artist Created Marla Beth Designs During the Pandemic

Meet  the Westchester Mom and Artist behind Marla Beth Designs

The early days of the pandemic certainly rocked all of our worlds. We adapted, pivoted, and basically figured it out as went (some days it still feels like that!). Many Westchester moms not only pivoted their family life but changed the course of their careers, like Marla Beth Enowitz. As a way to break up the homeschool madness and de-stress, Marla, who enjoyed painting as a hobby, started painting again and posted her paintings on Instagram. Friends and neighbors started to request commissions where her hobby quickly evolved into her brand, Marla Beth Designs. Known for her organic drips and vibrant, happy colors, you can find Marla Beth Designs’ public art all around Westchester as well as see her art at her own show in White Plains. Read on to learn more about this inspiring mom and artist who found a  magical “rainbow lining” during COVID.

Meet Westchester Mom and Artist Marla Beth Designs

Westchester Family: How did the idea for Marla Beth Designs come about?

Marla Beth Enowitz: Marla Beth Designs was born out of the 2020 pandemic. Losing myself in the homeschooling madness, I decided to return to my love of painting as a way to de-stress and feel in control again.

After posting a few paintings on social media (under the theme of “how I’m spending my quarantine time”) I was suddenly contacted by friends and neighbors asking if they could commission a bright “happy” painting. Suddenly, others were asking for a home office “zoom background” and the rest is two years of colorful history! Through my “happy art” I sought to find the rainbow lining of COVID by bringing a little sparkle into homes and businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Meet Westchester Mom and Artist Marla Beth Designs

Westchester Family:How would you describe your aesthetic?

Marla Beth Enowitz: My aesthetic is quite recognizable and the essence of Marla Beth Designs. I gravitate towards a “Willy Wonka” style of whimsical, fantastical, sparkly and the bigger the better. A lot of my art is reminiscent of growing up in the 80s and 90s. I’ll never move on from the ultimate greatness of neon, side ponytails and rhinestones. My art allows me to bring back the “good stuff” this world has to offer and seeing others smile when looking at my art is just the icing on the cake.

Westchester Family:Tell us more about your jewelry collection with Zaltas Gallery and fashion collaboration with Mirame?

Marla Beth Enowitz: Marla Beth Designs is a community, and my partnerships and collaborations are an important and growing extension. I approached this adventure with a big picture mentality and the more things I can put my art on, the better…. And what better than WEARABLE art? My jewelry collection with Zaltas Gallery in Mamaroneck stemmed from a friendship (with a fellow Rye Brook mom and co owner of the gallery, Rebecca Zaltas) into a growing line of gold and silver leafed drip art jewelry and “be your own artist” stackable rainbow rings.

Shortly after the jewelry was underway, I met Melinda Huff (swimwear designer and owner of Mirame) at a networking event with The Business Council of Westchester. We instantly connected through our love of art meeting fashion and our conversation of “Wouldn’t it be great IF…..” turned into an entire line of activewear, accessories, and swimwear! The rest, as they say, is history!

Meet Westchester Mom and Artist Marla Beth Designs
See a piece from Marla Beth Designs at the Westchester Children’s Museum.

Westchester Family: Where can we find your pieces in the Westchester area?

Marla Beth Enowitz: Here is the current list of where you check out my designs in Westchester and Connecticut:

  • One Martine Gallery (White Plains) currently exhibited.
  • Augustine’s Salumeria restaurant (Mamaroneck)
  • Rye Arts Center (Rye). I am a contributing “butterfly” artist for the #ryesabove2022 fundraiser benefitting the arts.
  • Westchester Childrens Museum (Rye) A donated mural upon the reopening of the museum post quarantine. “Climb Every Mountain” is an interactive display where kids can leave their handprint (with paint) on the wall and be a part of the art display.
  • Atelier Modern (Larchmont), a curated collection, in store, starting this Fall.
  • Maria Ferrari Children’s Hospital (Valhalla)“Sweet Dreams” 36×48 was painted exclusively for their Contemporary Art Collection.
  • The First Bank of Greenwich (Cos Cob, CT)
  • The JSpa at the J House Hotel (Greenwich, CT)

Meet Westchester Mom and Artist Marla Beth Designs

Westchester Family: What advice would you give an entrepreneur/mom who is just starting out?

Marla Beth: When I set out to turn my hobby into a business, I made a promise to myself to never lose sight of my love of art and creating. I have held onto that principle through the ups and downs. As a mom with competing priorities, I quickly realized that I needed help. It truly does take a village. The most valuable advice I can share is not to compete with others but to embrace, share, and collaborate. There will always be someone else “doing what you are doing”. Look at them as a valued ally and see what you can learn.

Westchester Family: What’s next for you?

Marla Beth: I love this question, and it’s one I continually ask myself after each execution. You can find me on @MarlaBeth_Designs on Instagram where you will get the the most up-to-date (and behind the scenes sneak peaks!) of my world of color and my latest projects.

For now, you can stay tuned for a collaboration with Tocaya Design. Marla Beth Designs is partnering up with this Rockland County based design and production house to turn my exclusive artwork into trending home textiles!

Discover even more about Marla Beth Designs online at www.MarlaBethDesigns.com.