Liquid Gold Vintage: A Black-Owned Curated Online Shop for Nursing and Breast Pumping Moms


Founder Alexis Kristiana

A nursing mom’s wardrobe may change from ‘before baby’ to ‘after’ — fast becoming an array of deep v-neck tees and camisoles. Easy on, easy off. In the beginning, this is perfectly fine, as it is all about accessibility. Then style or rather the desire for a sense of fashion creeps in. With COVID, many moms are wearing relaxed pieces (read: stretchy) more than ever. As we navigate kids and quarantine life, this has made sense. However, as we enter into another school year of COVID life, moms want their style back. This is especially true for nursing moms who are in a bit of a double whammy dressing during this time.

For nursing moms, style in non-pandemic times can be a challenge. New mothers are dealing with how the style fits their bodies and functions in their life. Finding a wardrobe balance is essential, and balance is key when adding pieces that elevate your wardrobe.

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Liquid Gold Vintage

Special enough to go with your comfy jeans or over your nursing top while you have a Zoom meeting or a social distancing mom meet up, this is where Liquid Gold Vintage, a black-owned and operated curated vintage for nursing mamas enters the picture. This well-curated site caught this former fashion director’s eye for being out of the box style that isn’t what others think nursing or pumping moms ‘should’ be wearing. Moms are sexy, stylish, and wearing something showcased on Liquid Gold Vintage celebrates women.

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