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5 Reasons I Broke Up With My Daughter (a.k.a. sent her to preschool)

I Broke Up With My Daughter (a.k.a. sent her to preschool)

By the time September of last year rolled around my relationship with my toddler daughter was a dysfunctional codependency that was growing more unhealthy by the day. And like many other newly-formed relationships during quarantine, where two people are suddenly spending every second of every day together, it wasn’t going well.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew becoming a mom meant I would be with my kid all the time, but I never signed up for all the time. I had always envisioned being able to drop Frankie off at a grandparents’ house for the weekend, or send her to have a sleepover with her cousins. I always imagined my sister, an incredibly talented artist, would take her for afternoons of arts and crafts, and I assumed my best friend and I getting our kids together for play dates would be a weekly occurrence. And I never thought anything would happen to the standing weekly date nights my husband and I relied on for our sanity. Well, we moved to a new city right before a global pandemic hit and so all of those dreams popped like the bubbles my daughter chases at the park. Being isolated in a two-bedroom apartment was taking a toll—on all of us.

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