Editor's Note (May 2012)

 Let me start off by saying I did not have the pleasure of having had a son. I have a daughter and I know it’s different. I did however invest a fair amount of young maternal energy in raising my brother. After bearing three girls my mom gave birth to a boy. I was 14 years old at the time and I quickly became what my mom called, “her helper.” I was enraptured with this real live baby doll. The bond I developed with my brother was special. I was his “other” mother. When my mother passed away six years later we grew even closer. I may not have had a son, but it sure feels like I mothered one in many ways.

 This month we explore the subject of mothers and sons by talking with Kate Stone Lombardi about her new book, The Mama’s Boy Myth. This Westchester-based author and mother of two, dismantles the perceptions that she says have dogged mothers of sons for eons. 

 Are you sensitive to cultural or social messages that whisper for you not to get ‘too close’ to your son?  Did you ever get the feeling that you had to push him away as he grew up for fear you would diminish his masculinity? Stone Lombardi says she got these messages and other mothers have too. Read what she has to say about the relationship between mothers and sons. We welcome your feedback. Let us know how you feel about mothering your son by emailing me [email protected] or dropping us a note on Facebook.

 While we are talking about mothering, let me wish everyone of you a very happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day.

 We also know that summer is right around the corner. I hope you are planning some fun times together as a family. If that includes travel we have some helpful information this moth. Read Lydia Rueger’s “Happier Travels: Simplify Your Family Trip (and Enjoy It More)” for some sanity-saving tips.

 The good news is if you are staying close to home this month there is plenty of fun to be had right here. Check out our award-winning Calendar of Events and plan to have fun!


– Jean Sheff, Editor