Editor's Note (Feb. 2012)

Love to Love You Baby

Maybe I am dating myself, but my young adulthood was spent trying to escape the pull of disco. The beat was everywhere and knowing every dance move was practically a requirement for single girls everywhere. Dating often meant dancing included. I learned just enough to get by, but etched in my memory are John Travolta’s hips and Donna Summer’s moaning and groaning coos. I’m both a little embarrassed and proud that I’ve never been able to replicate either with any success.

Singer Donna Summer was a mother of a 2-year-old daughter when she recorded her sultry 1975 disco hit “Love to Love You Baby.” And although it’s rather clear she was speaking about loving her spouse in that tune, the fact that she divorced in the very same year may have something to do with the fact that according to data from the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening families, about two-thirds of couples see the quality of their relationship go down within three years of the birth of a child.

Whether becoming a mom affected Summer’s marriage is immaterial. What is important – is it affecting yours? What’s a mother, who also wants to be part of a happy couple, to do? Sometimes it’s easier to look at challenges from another angle. This month writer Susan Flynn takes a look at the top seven habits of highly unsuccessful couples. Yes, that’s right we are here to tell you what not to do. Quiz yourself. How many of these bad habits have you and your spouse developed? Not to worry, we’ve also included tips on how to avoid these traps.

And then, consider participating in the new underground parenting movement I’ll call “Take Back Valentine’s Day.” Yes, we all love our children dearly. They truly are our babies. But, I’ve noticed that parents often award wee-one’s with Valentine’s Day gifts and candy while leaving their significant other out of the mix. So there’s no need to roll your hips or moan and groan, but a dinner out for two is in perfect order – no guilt strings attached. Take back celebrating a day originally meant for intimate couples.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for quality family time. See our daily calendar of events for those activities and as always, have fun!


Happy Valentine’s Day,

Jean Sheff