Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari is Bigger & Better For a More Immersive Family Experience!

Stroll amongst 52 incredible life-sized dinosaurs and pterosaurs at the Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari!

The Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari attraction returns this spring with a bigger and more immersive experience. Featuring more, and larger dinosaurs and pterosaurs, the new walking trail brings guests closer than ever for FOMO-inducing family photos. Following a special preview event for members, the attraction opens to the public on April 11th, and runs through the end of October.

Redesigned for 2022 as a more immersive outdoor walking trail, the fully ADA-accessible Dinosaur Safari features an astounding 52 life-sized dinosaur and pterosaur models that make learning about prehistoric times, and their connection to modern day birds an exhilarating journey.

While on safari families will encounter a dig site where they can uncover ancient fossils to compare against animatronic models. From the fossils they’ll learn a bit about how the science of dinosaurs is continuously evolving. In just the past three years, since the last Dinosaur Safari experience, new discoveries have changed the way we think about a variety of dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

The spectacles of the Quetzalcoatlus, possibly the largest flying animal ever to inhabit the Earth, and the towering size of some of the largest land-roaming animals in history, will surely astound. Along the trail families will learn how different species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs share many common characteristics with birds, and other animals. Ranging from the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose binocular vision allowed them to see even further than an eagle, to the Kosmoceratops which may have used its flashy looks as a part of mating, similar to a peacock.

The Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari is a great introduction to many other exciting exhibits and events happening at the zoo. Educational information provided at each stop along the safari highlights similarities between the dinosaurs and pterosaurs of the past with the animals we recognize today. For instance, through fossils we’ve learned that families of Pentaceratops traveled together similar to birds. Guests can also visit the World of Birds exhibit, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, to observe some of today’s modern-day dinosaurs up close without glass or mesh barriers.

In addition to Dinosaur Safari, the Bronx Zoo is home to over 10,000 animals from around the world. Spread across 265 acres of hardwood forest there’s a lot for families to check out this spring and summer. The new Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari walking format has been designed to create an immersive and memorable experience that’s sure to satisfy the sense of wonder that dinosaurs and pterosaurs have long inspired. Members are invited to a special free preview weekend April 8-10, before tickets become available to the general public.

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