Black Artists in The Spotlight: Currents of Creativity at the Rye Arts Center

Black Artists in The Spotlight at The Rye Arts Center

Exciting news from The Rye Arts Center, a multidisciplinary cultural and educational institution in Rye. They recently opened an incredible new exhibit, “Black Artists in the Spotlight: Currents of Creativity.” Curated by Kicki Storm, this exhibit is on display for February in honor of Black History Month.

Open from now until February 29th, this engaging exhibit features a display of emerging and established Black Artists. This includes artists in Westchester and beyond. Below, we are sharing more about this important cultural exhibit and what to expect.

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Black Artists in The Spotlight Details

Black Artists in The Spotlight Details

At this cultural exhibit, visitors can engage with the rich tapestry of creativity, cultural significance, and innovation within the Black Artistic Experience. This includes a range of works of art.

Here, you’ll find mixed media, digital painting, abstract art, collages, and more. Some artists have also included social and political content in their artistic works.

Curator and Board Member Kicki Storm noted: “I am thrilled to curate Black Artists in the Spotlight: Currents of Creativity. We have an incredible group of diverse artists representing up-and-coming generations from the region and beyond. I am honored to share these artists’ work with the community. They work with various painting techniques, mixed media, and digital painting techniques to create figurative and abstract art, collages, and sometimes including a social message. The art expresses the life and experience of the artists. Their work reflects their America. This exhibition is a testament to the diversity and depth of Black Artistic Expression. Thus, we invite everyone to join us in acknowledging and appreciating the contributions of Black Artists to the global art landscape.”

Featured Artists

Evan Bishop


Artists featured at the Black Artists exhibit include: Joseph A. Abu, Tommy the Animator, Evan Bishop, Anthony Boone, Brian Cannady II, Alvin Clayton, Afrocentric Keyy, and Jeremy Turpin. Additionally, the exhibit features Demarcus McGaughey, Courtney Minor, Barry L. Mason, Emlyn Taveras, Sandra White, Martryce Roach, to name a few artists.

Additionally, there will be an artist talk on February 10th at 3:00pm. During this time, visitors can engage directly with the featured artists. Plus, they will have an opportunity to learn more about their creative processes.

Thus, “Black Artists in The Spotlight” runs until February 29th. This exhibit is free and open to all.

Additionally, families can enjoy a range of STEM and art classes. Finally, some options include performing arts; photography; 3D animation; clay;  drawing; painting; sewing; music; and much more.


The Rye Arts Center is also looking for artists for their upcoming project, Rye’sAbove. This public art project and fundraiser is designed to uplift the community through the arts and support educational programming. This includes both large and medium-sized aluminum butterflies. Additionally, artists can showcase small steel butterflies. Artists are invited to submit a proposal to design and create a butterfly sculpture.

Participating artists will transform blank, aluminum alloy (the medium and large) and steel butterflies into art. The butterflies will be displayed throughout the summer in Rye. This includes an unveiling of the butterfly sculptures on Wednesday, May 15th at 11:00am at the Rye Village Green.

Rye Arts Center Details:

51 Milton Road
Rye, NY 10580

For additional information about Black Artists in The Spotlight, please visit:  ryeartscenter.org