Where to Beat The Heat in Westchester

Westchester Beat the Heat
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Where to Beat The Heat in Westchester

A heat wave is ushering in the start of summer in New York, and families are being advised to limit their time outdoors if possible. More and more families are receiving tips on sun safety and how to stay cool in the heat. Quick tips we’ll share: stay hydrated, wear lightweight clothing, and try to minimize your time outdoors on high-temperature days. The most important thing families can do is to plan where to go to ensure everyone stays cool and safe during this sweltering season. In Westchester, there are plenty of indoor alternatives for summer fun. Since summer has just started and the heat is here to stay, our families can start planning fun ways to keep cool all season with our list of places to beat the heat this summer in Westchester.

Places to beat the heat this summer in Westchester

Cooling Centers

Cooling centers, conveniently located throughout the county, offer a safe haven for families to cool off when the outdoor heat becomes unbearable. The New York State Department of Health has compiled an extensive list of these centers, and Westchester County has a comprehensive selection. For Westchester residents, our local libraries serve as cooling centers, providing a cool and comfortable environment for indoor fun. Beyond the opportunity to drop by and read a book, most libraries offer a range of engaging daily activities that cater to every family’s interests.

For the complete list of cooling centers in Westchester County, head to nys.gov.

Indoor Pool
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Beaches and Pools

An obvious way to beat the summer heat is to spend a day outdoors by the water. Pack your bag accordingly; the essentials for this heat are water, sunscreen, and an umbrella for the beach to ensure you have some shade. Families can also, of course, rent umbrellas. Another great alternative to swimming at one of our local outdoor pools and beaches is finding an indoor pool in your area. Great options are local YMCAs like the ones in Rye and Yonkers, both with a variety of swim options for adults and kids.

Indoor Play Spaces

Indoor play spaces, a hub of fun and excitement, are a must in New York’s unpredictable weather during any season. This summer, they’ll be the perfect alternative for families looking to have active playtime while avoiding the scorching temperatures. Throughout Westchester, families have many options for enjoying indoor play spaces like No Limit Ninja, Sky Zone, Legoland, and more. Check out our list of indoor play spaces in Westchester.

Westchester Indoor play spaces
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Visiting one of Westchester’s museums is a unique way to stay cool this summer. We love exploring our local museums year-round, but heading to a museum during the summer is a special treat. Our local museums often host engaging activities for children, fascinating new exhibitions, and various events that families will love. One of our favorites is the Hudson River Museum. Cool off with a view of the stars at HRM’s Planetarium this summer.

Westchester Beat the Heat
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Here’s our list of Westchester Museums to Discover With Your Family.

Shopping Centers

Heading to our shopping centers is also a great way to beat the heat because they all have places that everyone will love. Spending the day at The Westchester mall shopping and then enjoying lunch in their dining area is part of Westchester living and is one of our favorite ways to spend a hot summer’s day.

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Indoor Skating

Whether you’re a fan of roller skating or skateboarding fan, you’ll be happy to know that Westchester also has options for indoor skating. Head to the EJ Murray Skating Center in Yonkers for its summer season. During the summer, from June to September, their ice skating rink transforms into a roller skating rink that’s fun for the entire family. We suggest heading to 2nd Nature Skateboarding in Peekskill for those who prefer skateboarding. 2nd Nature Skate Park in Peekskill is a popular indoor skate park for skateboarders and BMX riders of all levels. In a welcoming and safe environment, it offers various features such as ramps, bowls, rails, and ledges.

Beat the Heat Skateboarding
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Movie Theaters

Heading to a movie theater is a year-round favorite activity, but it’s a summertime favorite for Westchester families. There are theaters in just about every town and small village in Westchester, so it’s a perfect choice for indoor fun. However, in Westchester, we have some amazing options for sensory-friendly movie experiences that are perfect for our little ones, who may find the movie theater experience a little jarring.

Beat the Heat Movie Theaters
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Check out our list of Sensory-Friendly Movies in Westchester and Kid-Friendly Movies Hitting Movie Theatres this Year.


Finding a good book for some fun summer reading is a must, and spending an afternoon perusing bookstores to find your next exciting read is a great way to have fun this summer. Our favorite way to buy books and support our local businesses is by shopping from indie bookstores, and in Westchester, we have several family-friendly options. Our local bookstores regularly hold events like storytimes, discussions with authors, and more.

Beat the Heat Bookstores
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Check out our list of Best Bookstores for Kids in Westchester.

Bowling Alleys

Another popular year-round indoor activity for families in Westchester is bowling at one of our local bowling alleys. End a summer night by knocking down some pins while enjoying food and fun with your loved ones.

Need a bowling alley recommendation? Here are 7 Places to Go Bowling in Westchester.

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Our summer is already heating up and is likely to stay that way all season long, but one thing families in Westchester won’t have to worry about is finding creative and fun ways to beat the heat this summer. This heat definitely won’t stop our plans for some much-needed summer fun, and with several options for indoor activities that the entire family can enjoy, we’ll be spending the whole summer having a blast.