52 Ways to Occupy the Kiddos at Home

Many Westchester schools have closed and that means many kids are hunkered down at home. If they are school age there will be schoolwork to be done, but what is going to occupy them for the rest of the day? Besides the usual TV and electronic devices, here are some other choices for Westchester kids.

Stuck indoors 

  1. Build a fort with pillows, cushions, and blankets
  2. Get out the arts & crafts
  3. Build with LEGOs
  4. Cook something yummy
  5. Get out the board games
  6. Make your own book
  7. Play card games
  8. Play hide-and-go-seek
  9. Make a big box into a puppet theatre and put on a show
  10. Play dress up
  11. Get out the Play-Doh
  12. Have a picnic lunch – blanket and all
  13. Have a scavenger hunt
  14. Line up chairs and take a pretend train ride ­– pack snacks for the journey
  15. Read a book, or two, or three
  16. Dance to music
  17. Exercise – yoga and simple stretches are good
  18. Set up the toy train set
  19. Make a batch of slime … here’s a recipe
  20. Watch a movie – remember the popcorn
  21. Take a bubble bath with all the bath toys
  22. Fill the kitchen sink and wash toys that can get wet
  23. Have a tea party
  24. Work on a puzzle
  25. Play library. Line up all your books and take turns checking out books.
  26. Play grocery store. Take clean items out of the recycle bin and make shelves of things to buy. Someone’s the cashier someone else is the shopper.
  27. Blow up balloons and play balloon tennis
  28. Play with bubble wrap
  29. Set up a bowling game in the hallway
  30. Play Simon Says
  31. Use your library card online and use some of the free resources from your public library. Hoopla: You can download digital movies, books, and games. Gale Courses: 300-instructor lead online courses. Tutor.com free online homework help. Learning Express Library offers practice tests SAT, PASAT, ACT, AP, and more. Lynda.com online learning platform Check out the online resource section of your local library and other libraries too!
  32. Look at old photos
  33. Play karaoke
  34. Line up collectibles. Line up all the toy cars, LEGOs dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, beanies (or whatever else your kids have plenty of) in a line – it might go all the way down the hallway. Then count them!
  35. Take a hike around the neighborhood
  36. Walk the dog
  37. Jump in puddles
  38. Take a bike ride
  39. Get the scooters out
  40. Play hopscotch
  41. Play tag on the lawn
  42. Gather rocks, pinecones, and leaves and take them home to use in craft projects
  43. Play jump rope
  44. Take photos of nature
  45. Clean the garage and find old toys
  46. Blow bubbles
  47. Play with sidewalk chalk
  48. Look for birds or bird nests with binoculars
  49. Play Frisbee
  50. Play a game of catch
  51. Play follow the leader. Each leader has to walk a different way, hop, skip, tip-toe, giant steps or anything at all.
  52. Keep a diary about these days at home … these are exceptional times!