For Sale: $1 Island in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley
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For Sale: $1 Island in the Hudson Valley

Yes, you read that right. A private island in the Hudson Valley is up for auction, and the starting price is $1. Ok, so it’s not actually selling for a dollar, but we can dream. Are you interested in throwing in your bid? You’ll have to go all in for this incredible steal. Here’s everything you need to know about this listing that’ll be off the market soon.

This island’s description makes us curious and think of throwing in our own bid. “This Hudson River Private Island offers a rare, once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a unique natural wonder in upstate New York. Nestled in the Hudson Valley between the Adirondacks to the west and the Green Mountains of Vermont to the east is this nearly one-mile-long private Island… anyone can build a forty-five thousand square foot mansion, but only Mother Nature can build a forty-five-acre island in the Hudson River..”

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Hidden Gem: Hudson Valley Private Island

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your own island that’s ready for you and your entire family to move into today, the dream is much closer to Westchester families than we could have ever imagined. The Hudson River Private Island, hidden away in the Hudson Valley, is probably everyone’s fantasy. Below is the virtual tour that offers a glimpse into this gem.

This private island hit the market and has been making waves online because of how unbelievable it all sounds—listed by Kim Bender, a Lake George native and qualified real estate professional with extensive experience in project management, business, community leadership, and environmental protection; this listing is one of many incredible properties she’s currently selling like her rare opportunity to “build on an Adirondack resort area lot with deeded lake rights to beautiful, serene Harrisburg Lake” at 6 Lake View West, Stony Creek. Families looking to head to a more serene getaway could love her other listing of “an enchanting 2.2-acre waterfront property on Lake George with 695 feet of direct lake frontage on your own peninsula” in Ticonderoga, NY.

Bender has been actively involved in various community efforts and co-founded environmental protection and government improvement organizations. As Bender shares on her site, she is dedicated to achieving a balance between development and protection of the Lake George area. She has successfully helped numerous buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals over the past seven years.

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Property Details

The house on the property is 1,200 sq. ft. and has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was built in 1997 in the Schuylerville School District in Saratoga County. The house has a fireplace, walk-in closet, eat-in kitchen, and built-in features. It also has baseboard heating, electric cooling, and a septic tank.

This nearly one-mile-long private island includes the stunning stone house, horse barns, a training track, a private ferry, acres of pastures surrounded by hand-split Locust rail fencing, and a forest of ancient trees. Curious about the taxes? The property’s taxes are $8,216, and it is zoned as mixed. While it is its own private island, it is accessible and close to Exit 17 of I87, located just ten miles from Saratoga Springs.

This property will be sold to the highest bidder on June 28th at 3:00 pm. So there’s still time to jump on this sale and own an island by next month. It sounds like a dream to us, and we know it has to be a dream for every other family in the Hudson Valley.

Saratoga Springs
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Cheap Old Houses

While we’d all love to own an island, a major part of the allure of this property is its starting price. $1 is just unreal, but readers might be surprised to find out that affordable places are still out there! We came across this gem while browsing through cheapoldhouses.com, which is an incredible resource for families looking to purchase property at a steal. Fans of HGTV might be familiar with this online resource, which is all about finding an affordable piece of property in the U.S. and overseas. Cheap Old Houses gained so much traction online that they branched out and now have multiple television shows. They gained notoriety by staying true to their goal of sharing beautiful properties at affordable prices.  

It’s the best time to find places like this because the market has been challenging to weed through these days, and most homes that meet our family’s needs are not affordable. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this will change soon, but until then, we’ll browse cheap old houses for our dream home.

Will you be placing a bid on the incredible island in the Hudson Valley? If you snag the deal of a lifetime, feel free to invite us over this summer!