New Mural Installation in Yonkers Celebrates the Diversity, Culture, and Arts in the City

New Mural Installation in Yonkers

Yonkers Mural Installation

Exciting news from Yonkers! The city recently launched a new mural entitled “We The People” by artist CJ Priester.

Located along the Metro North Line, the mural is as a collaboration between the City of Yonkers and Yonkers Arts. Adorned with bright letters, the Yonkers mural serves as a way to transform the city via culture and the arts. The mural represents this diverse and transient city. Additionally, it provides a welcoming and engaging experience for commuters and visitors.

Incredibly, the vibrant Yonkers mural includes an augmented reality component. Created by local artist Valen Daughtery, visitors can scan it with their smartphones. This will bring the piece to life even further.

Mayor Mike Spano noted: “Public art has been a key contributor to the transformation of the Yonkers waterfront. This tells the diverse stories of our city. We are excited to share them with the world.”

Incredibly, Yonkers is the third most largest city in New York State. This city offers a diverse melting pot with culture, the arts, incredible dining, and attractions. Favorites for families includes Untermyer Park and Gardens, the Hudson River Museum, and much more.

Ray Wilcox, Executive Director of Yonkers Arts noted: “This piece reflects the unique spirit and diverse cultural tapestry of Yonkers. This offers a visual celebration of the city’s rich history, artistic vibrancy, and dynamic community. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to enhancing public spaces and fostering cultural engagement. Additionally, this artwork will transform the station into a welcoming and inspiring gateway.”

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“We The People” Mural Meaning

Incredibly, each letter in “We The People” connects to an inspirational message.

Y – The Y represents Youth Empowerment. In Yonkers, grassroots organizations engage and create opportunities for young people. Incredibly, this includes youth leadership, education, and career development. Thus, allowing them to become active and engaged members.

O – The O in represents the Outstanding Natural Beauty. Located along the Hudson River, Yonkers has stunning river views of river and the Palisades. The city continues to enhance and preserve its beauty.

N – The N is highlighted by Number. Yonkers offers numerous community events and activities for all. Incredibly, this includes Riverfest, Yonkers Arts Weekend, and the Yonkers Farmers Market. Additionally, the N represents cultural diversity, different ethnic traditions, and nationalities.

K – The K is focused on Kiva, a gathering space for indigenous communities. Interestingly, this celebrates indigenous culture and heritage in Yonkers. Additionally, it symbolizes a sense of community and belonging. Thus, Yonkers continues to build a strong and inclusive community.

E – The location of Yonkers is an Epicenter. Incredibly, the city celebrates cultures, traditions, and ways of life.

R – The R represents Resilience. While the city faced challenges and adversity, it is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when people from different backgrounds and experiences collaborate. Additionally, the impact of change is due to the community. This includes coming together for volunteer work and organizing.

S – Yonkers has a diverse city with over 200,000 people. Additionally, the S represents the resilience and strength of the city and its residents. Over the years, the city has revitalized its downtown area. Thus, the city continues to evolve and change.

“We The People” Mural Details

The wall was provided by the MTA and Metro-North Railroad. Additionally, there’s an official unveiling ceremony for “We The People” on February 16th at 2pm (weather permitting). Finally, this is held on the corner of Dock Street and River Street in Yonkers.