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4 Party Dos & Don’ts

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A child’s birthday is a special day and as parents we go out of our way to make the day extra-special. Be careful not to overdo the festivities or a perfectly nice event can turn into a major meltdown.

How Many to Invite?

Any party pro will tell you the rule is one more than the age of the child. That means four children can attend your 3-year-old’s birthday bash. Yet, most parents ignore this. Still, it is best to keep the crowd small. This allows for proper supervision, less commotion and a better all-round experience. If not all children in the class are invited, explain to your child the party is not something to talk about during school hours.

Are Siblings Included?

Especially when children are young, some parents feel if their child is invited to a party their siblings are too. In short – no! Showing up with the invited child plus other children is inappropriate. It’s embarrassing for the host (who may not have enough food, drink or goody bags), uncomfortable for the uninvited children (who may not be up to, or appreciate the age appropriate activity) and potentially upsetting for the party child (who didn’t invite them).

To Open … or Not

To open presents at the party, or not, is one of those never- ending dilemmas. Those on the “pro” side say it helps the child express gratitude and provides an activity. Those in the “no” camp say it’s not fun for kids to watch another kid open gifts, it heightens gift competition and tricky situations such as getting two of the same gift. To avoid hurt feelings and general chaos most parents opt out of opening gifts at the party.

Thank You Cards?

The simple answer is – yes! This is a perfect opportunity to teach your child about gratitude. The note doesn’t need to be fancy or even written, for younger children a drawing can suffice. If your child can write don’t worry if you have lost track of who gave what, the exact present need not be mentioned, a simple thank you for the gift and for coming to my party is appropriate. Simple and sincere is always perfect.

– Jean Sheff

Posted 12:00 am, November 3, 2017
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