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4 Benefits of Tutoring

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Now that school is well under way, many parents are asking themselves if their child needs some additional educational assistance. There are many situations when tutoring can be extremely beneficial.

Individual Attention

By providing individualized attention a tutor can help your child overcome learning obstacles that are preventing him from moving forward in his studies. They may also help diagnose a learning disability. Tutors can emphasize the learning style – visual, auditory, verbal, physical or combination – that best suits your child. Tutors don’t provide answers, they help the child learn to learn.

Academic Performance

Tutors help children understand academic material thoroughly, which increases a child’s comprehension, retention and mastery of the subject matter. By helping your child prepare for tests and exams your child’s academic performance will improve. Tutors can also be helpful for those students who need an academic challenge to reach their full potential.

Study Habits

Tutors help children learn positive work and study habits that can be applied in education and life. The individual learning environment that the tutor provides removes classroom distractions and helps your child learn what it means to truly focus on the material at hand. Children will learn how to successfully concentrate.


Tutors provide students the tools that help them overcome their learning obstacles. They create an atmosphere where questions are welcome. Feeling comfortable in the learning environment can remove any self-conscious behavior the child may have. This directly increases the student’s self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as academic performance.

– Jean Sheff

Posted 12:00 am, October 5, 2017
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