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Top 10: What to Donate to Animal Shelters

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Rescue groups and organizations have pitched in to help relocate stranded pets. Many of these displaced animals have been brought to crowded animal shelters.

Dr. Pol, whose program The Incredible Dr. Pol returns to of the National Geographic Wild January 9, 2013 for its third season has identified the top 10 essential items to donate to animal shelters post Hurricane Sandy. Pol is well acquainted with animal needs as he operates a veterinary clinic that services more than 18,000 clients in rural farm county.


Dr. Pol’s Top 10 Post Sandy Shelter Needs


1. Clean Water.  Sea water is salty and not good for the animals.  The animals will drink it if there is nothing else available.

2. Food.  They need something that is easily digestible.  Sometimes hypoallergenic food would be good.

3. Shelters.  Cats can be very comfortable in a carrying cage and they will not be as likely to get away again.

4. Dog leashes. Dogs can be kept on a leash so they can be kept safe.

5. Food dishes. Plastic dishes are great.

6. Cat litter & litter boxes. Dogs will go outside to the bathroom, but cats need litter.  Disposable cake pans can be used as litter boxes.

7. Antiseptic medicine. This will help treat superficial cuts and scrapes.

8. Bedding. Pets need blankets & mats to lay on to help with comfort.

9. Pet brushes. Brushing all the dirt out of their fur is a good way to increase comfort.

10. Toys. Some animals can be comforted with toys since they will have to be contained more.

It is always important to be prepared for an emergency.  Micro Chips can be done at any time and these will help you find your pet if he gets lost during a disaster. 

Here are some local animal shelters that can use your help. Call ahead to determine what their current donation priorities are.

• SPCA of Westchester, 590 North State road, Briarcliff Manor.

• Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter, 600 Garden Ave., Mount Vernon.

• New Rochelle Humane Society, 70 Portman Road, New Rochelle. 632-2925.

• Adopt-A-Dog, 23 Cox Ave., Armonk.

• Westchester Humane Society, 7 Harrison Ave, Harrison.

In other areas:


Animal Care & Control of NYC, Headquarters: 11 Park Pl., Ste. 805, NY, NY. Email: This organizations operates animal shelters in Staten Island, the Bronx and Queens, New York.


• The Freeport Animal Shelter, 2 Rider Place, Freeport, NY. 516-378-4340. This shelter is caring for animals from the Long Beach, New York communities.


• The Humane Society of Atlantic County, 1401 Absecon Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ. 609-347-8076. shelter services the area of Atlantic City.


Updated 4:26 pm, July 9, 2018
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