Sponsored: Traverse | Insure What You Love, Pay For Nothing Else

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How many times has your cell phone cracked because you were trying to hold your little one, pack lunch for your kids at school, and send a text message to your supervisor that you’re running five minutes late? As NYC parents, we know how busy our lives can get. With a thousand different things to do and remember each day, it’s easy to leave our laptop at the coffee shop by accident or drop our cell phone on the way to work. That’s why, when we came across Traverse, affordable insurance that lets you choose what you want to cover, we had to share! 

Traverse is backed by Travelers, a trusted insurance company that has been in the business for over 165 years. When you’re looking for insurance, you want trust, flexibility, and affordability. Trust definitely gets a check mark because of the reliability of Travelers, but what about flexibility? What does Traverse have to offer to make our busy lives as NYC parents a bit easier? 

What we love about Traverse is that it provides build-your-own coverage that fits your lifestyle. Unlike traditional insurance, you can cover what you want without paying for coverage you don’t need. Traverse covers items such as cell phones, cameras, jewelry, musical instruments, personal electronics, sporting equipment, and more. You’ll even receive a discount for bundling every category that you add.  

NYC is fast-paced and ever-changing—well, so are we. Traverse recognizes this, so your coverage will follow you when you move and while you’re traveling, because let’s face it, sometimes we need a little getaway! And did we mention there’s no long-term commitment? That’s right, you can cancel anytime, and you’ll even get a refund for the remaining time period on your subscription.


As for affordability, get your customized coverage at a low monthly price. One of our favorite offerings at Traverse is their cell phone insurance, starting at just $4.75 per month. Cover any smartphone you own, new or used with any phone carrier. Because you only are charged for what you choose to cover, Traverse is super affordable, and they even offer zero-deductible options. 

And we really can’t talk about Traverse without describing their website. Traverse makes it simple and convenient to navigate your coverage options, all in the comfort of your own home. Enter your zip code, browse the monthly coverage prices for each item, select what you want to cover, and you’re good to go. Sign up in three minutes or less!

Want to learn more about Traverse? Head to traverseinsurance.com and check out their FAQ, or get started with your customized Traverse insurance now!