January 23, 2018
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10 Autumn Treats for Mom

Work & Family: Autumn often means the kids are back in school and you might have some free time on your hands. Don’t feel guilty about making more time for yourself. Please yourself and then go about your daily routine more cheerfully. Here’s some inspiration to get you in the mood. Read more…

Childcare: Choose Wisely

Work & Family: The quality of childcare children receive between birth and age 5 has a lifelong impact on literacy, math skills, social/emotional and physical health, career success and earnings. Children who receive quality early care are more likely to be ready for kindergarten, graduate from high school on time and attend college, and less likely to engage in risky behavior. Read more…

Family Favorites Winners - 2016

Work & Family: Kids have their favorites. It can be a favorite number, color or ice cream flavor, but they most certainly know what they like. And parents do too. Read more…

New Trends in Fatherhood

Neil’s Corner Spot – Mount Kisco

Work & Family: Neil’s Corner Spot in Mount Kisco has been offering quality casual wear and accessories for some 10 years. But walk into the store today and you’ll see a lot has changed. Read more…

Consumer Product Testing

Work & Family: How many shampoos have you used over your lifetime? How many skin creams have you tried? Probably quite a few. Are you interested in testing cutting-edge cosmetic, skin care and personal care products? If so, here’s your opportunity to get paid for being a tester and sharing your opinions at the BASF Tarrytown Consumer Testing Center (TCTC) in Tarrytown. Read more…

Katonah’s Broadway Kid

Work & Family: Wearing puffy pink earmuffs and toting a colorful backpack, Zoe Manarel literally skips across New York’s 44th Street to the Angus’ Café Bistro for a sit-down interview. Zoe and I are joined by Zoe’s mom Laura Manarel and Westchester Family publisher Gary Hibert. Zoe had already put in a full day completing a matinee performance in the Broadway hit Matilda The Musical and then patiently participated in an hour-long cover shoot for this issue. Yet this 9-year-old dynamo was just getting started. Read more…

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