October 15, 2019
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Hot Topics: There are countless books, articles, and blogs perpetuating the idea that every child needs to learn to code. We’ve all heard “coding is the new literacy,” and “learning to code is essential to prepare kids for the future.” While programming skills will absolutely be in high demand as we move toward a future filled with automation, robots, and artificial intelligence, it’s not necessary to subscribe to the idea that every kid needs to become a coding expert. From seven plus years of experience teaching thousands of children and teens in all aspects of creative technology, I’ve made a simple observation: some kids are wired to be coders and others are better suited pursuing more creative aspects of technology. Read more…

Encouraging Girls to Code

Encouraging Girls to Code

Raising Girls: It’s no secret that coding has risen in popularity among elementary school-age kids and the ‘tween set. With schools all over Westchester holding free Hour of Code events organized by code.org, children as young as kindergarten are getting exposure to coding at a young age and joining the more than 720 million students worldwide who participated in the event this past year. But what will it take to engage students, particularly girls, in coding long-term and what can be done to help prevent them from losing interest in it, which peaks as girls enter adolescence? Read more…

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