December 13, 2018
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Benefits of Tutoring a Child with Special Needs

Elementary: With increasing curriculum demands and expectations, excelling in school can be a challenge for many students. Yet for children with special needs, this struggle is often even more pronounced. Those who once thrived in math are now challenged with the problem-solving and language-based Common Core approach. Students who have difficulty with auditory processing or focusing miss key information. Dyslexic children may struggle with reading and writing, and simply need more individualized support than a classroom teacher can provide. For special needs children, having a one-on-one tutor can be immensely helpful. Here are some benefits of special needs tutoring. Read more…

Schools for Children with Special Needs

Child Development: Find the best schools, preschools and summer programs for kids with behavioral, developmental and physical disorders. Read more…

Special Needs Services & Support

Hot Topics: ACHIEVE BEYOND. Pediatric therapy and autism services dedicated to providing quality evaluations and therapeutic/educational services for children ages birth to 21. The experts here speak English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and other languages. 333 Westchester Ave., West Suite 202, White Plains, 328-2868. Read more…

Special Needs Camps

Vacations: There are a growing number of camps in our area that specialize in serving children with special needs. We’ve included a few of our favorites. Read more…

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