February 16, 2019
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Special Needs

Parents with children who have special needs tell us finding appropriate educational and recreational programs can be difficult. To help we’ve gathered information on useful programs, specialists and organizations.


Classes for Children with Special Needs

These facilities, groups, classes and sport programs in Westchester County, New York offer activities for kids with special needs afterschool, on weekends and during school vacations.


Special Needs Camps

There are a growing number of camps in our area that specialize in serving the child with special needs. We’ve included a few of our favorites.


Schools for Children with Special Needs

Find the best schools, preschools and summer programs in Westchester County, New York for kids with behavioral, developmental and physical disorders.


Special Needs Sports and Recreation Center Programs

There are a number of sports leagues and classes, plus recreation center programs in Westchester, New York for your child with special needs. Sign up for swimming, soccer or baseball now!


Services and Support: Educational, Therapeutic and Supportive

These organizations in Westchester County, New York offer therapy, treatment and education for children with special needs.

Westchester/Rockland Special Child

Fall/Winter 2018

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Activities: There is no shortage of children’s classes in Westchester, but for parents of kids with sensory or physical limitations, finding the right program can be a challenge. Luckily there are activities in our county that cater to kids with special needs. Check out these four programs that go above and beyond to ensure that no child misses out on fun, fitness and making new friends. Read more…

Breast Cancer and Fertility

Breast Cancer and Fertility

Family Issues: Imagine the young woman who has just heard the dreaded words “breast cancer” from her physician. She is reeling from all the implications of this diagnosis - including, but not limited to, the physical and emotional impacts on her life. Her future family building may not even be in the top five of what this patient, or her doctor, is thinking about at this moment. But it certainly should be part of the conversation. Read more…

Sibs of Kids with Special Needs

Sibs of Kids with Special Needs

Family Issues: Parenting one child is hard enough and parenting multiple children increases the stress level - even more so when one child has a developmental disability. There are dedicated groups and resources to support parents of differently abled children, but typical siblings (Sibs) may get lost in the chaos of their sibling’s immediate, and sometimes severe, needs. Read more…

Supplemental Needs Trusts

Supplemental Needs Trusts

Legal: If your child has a disability and is expected to need government benefits to help support her during her lifetime, then a supplemental needs trust may be appropriate. Read more…
Technology is changing the way we live our lives, and many don’t realize the posiitve effects it can have on children with autism. Here are four tips to help you select appropriate technology for your child with special needs. Read more…
Camps: Camp Is a great experience for children. And children with special neds are no exception. Here are four camps that might be a good fot if tyour child has special needs. Read more…

ABLE Accounts

ABLE Accounts

Schooling: Imagine that your child with special needs receives an unexpected small inheritance, or receives a nominal settlement from a personal injury lawsuit, but is unable to deposit it into his bank account because he is limited on how much money can be in the account. Consider also the scenario where your child is a beneficiary of a custodial UTMA account or 529 college savings plan, but is unlikely to attend college. What can you do with these funds? Read more…

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