February 23, 2018
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Special Needs

Parents with children who have special needs tell us finding appropriate educational and recreational programs can be difficult. To help we’ve gathered information on useful programs, specialists and organizations.


Classes for Children with Special Needs

These facilities, groups, classes and sport programs in Westchester County, New York offer activities for kids with special needs afterschool, on weekends and during school vacations.


Special Needs Camps

There are a growing number of camps in our area that specialize in serving the child with special needs. We’ve included a few of our favorites.


Schools for Children with Special Needs

Find the best schools, preschools and summer programs in Westchester County, New York for kids with behavioral, developmental and physical disorders.


Special Needs Sports and Recreation Center Programs

There are a number of sports leagues and classes, plus recreation center programs in Westchester, New York for your child with special needs. Sign up for swimming, soccer or baseball now!


Services and Support: Educational, Therapeutic and Supportive

These organizations in Westchester County, New York offer therapy, treatment and education for children with special needs.

Westchester/Rockland Special Child

Fall/Winter 2017

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4 Ways to Create a Sensory-Friendly Holiday

4 Ways to Create a Sensory-Friendly Holiday

Tweens: The holidays can be stressful and over-stimulating for anyone, but particularly so for children with autism. Here are four tips and strategies that may help lessen your child’s anxiety and increase your family’s enjoyment during the most wonderful time of the year. Be sure to follow your child’s cues, as every child is different. Read more…

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Therapies: Ask 5-year-old Ethan Pimentel who his favorite doctor is and he’s sure to shout – Dr. Smith! Ethan, who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, began seeing pediatric pysical therapist Dana Smith a year and a half a go and he’s made excellent progress. Visit the offices of Smith on October 19th as she holds her OPEN HOUSE. 929-335-4378. westchesterpediaricpt.com. Read more…
Tweens: For 25 years, music has been a passion for guitarist and songwriter Dave Meyers who lives near Carmel, N.Y. But more recently, Meyers has been sharing that passion with autistic and other special needs children, and it has made a big impact on their lives – and his own. Read more…
Let’s face it, who do parents ask when they want the truth about a neighborhood shop, an afterschool class or a party entertainer? Other parents of course! Read more…
Tweens: If you have a child with special needs, no doubt you have concerns about how to provide for your child as he or she grows up and you age. It makes a great deal of sense to devote time sooner, rather than later, to evaluating your options, developing a plan and seeing it is implemented. Read more…
Autism: The old saying is that if you have met one person with autism, then you have met one person with autism. I believe that statement to be true … I have never met anyone like my son AJ. Read more…

Music for Kids with Special Needs

Entertainment: Kerry Fenster has a new CD, Songs About Us, and it’s designed to help kids with special needs develop basic social and developmental skills. Read more…

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Diagnosis: They say timing is everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to identifying and treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This neurodevelopmental condition characterized by a broad variety, or “spectrum,” of presentations, including delays in communication and social interaction and atypical behaviors is often accompanied by general developmental delays. ASD affects one in 68 children, according to the latest estimates. Read more…

Special Needs Directory 2017

Therapies: A directory to special needs schools, camps, resources, support and services. Read more…
Camps: Camp is a great time for children to spread their wings, meet new friends and learn new skills. Children with special needs can also enjoy camp if the camp is equipped especially for them. Here are four camps that focus on campers with special needs. Read more…

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