August 16, 2018
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Miscarriage: As children, most of us sat through health class where we learned the basics of reproduction. We were taught how to avoid pregnancy, abstinence, condoms or other forms of protection, which is information we dutifully used into our 20’s or later. So, when the time comes to begin building a family, many of us find ourselves wanting for information. We spend so many years working to prevent pregnancy that some of us do not consider the ins and outs of family building until it is too late. Read more…

Cervical Incompetence: Reducing the Risk

Cervical Incompetence: Reducing the Risk

Health: As a pregnant woman’s body prepares for labor, late in the third trimester, the cervix – the long, tubular lower end of the uterus – begins to soften, shorten (efface), and open (dilate). In about one out of 100 pregnancies (approximately 1 percent), the pressure of the baby on the cervix may cause it to open too soon, a condition known as cervical incompetence or cervical insufficiency, which may result in miscarriage or preterm delivery. Read more…

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