July 17, 2019
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Hot Topics: STEM/STEAM education is all the arge right now and parents can help encourage their child’s interest by providng fun books and toys that encourage this learning style. We’ve found a few you should know about There’s also a family film perfect for the slightly older child that salutes the scicen geek in all of us can you might want to watch as a family. Read more…
Education: STEAM is everywhere. You’ve heard the acronym so often that you finally Googled it, so you know it stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math, and that every after-school program and summer camp under the sun is offering it. But, you’re not completely sure what it really is, where the measurable benefits are, or how to begin talking to your kids about what they’ve been learning. You might even feel confused because it seems like a ‘trending’ topic. You’re almost sure you and your family should be jumping on the bandwagon, but you don’t completely understand why. Read more…

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