January 23, 2018
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Family Values

Teach Children to Give Back

Hot Topics: Teach your child empathy, tolerance and good citizenship by encouraging them to donate this holiday season. Consider your child’s interests and match them with a donation need in the community. Making a donation together is a good way to introduce volunteering. Read more…

Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Hot Topics: The holiday season is upon us and many families choose to get involved in programs and projects that give back to their community. It’s a great way to teach your children the value of volunteering and to keep them grounded in a culture that often stresses excessive consumerism. Read more…

Giving Clothes a Second Chance

Family Values: Deciding what to do with your little girl’s clothes that no longer fit; the dress-shoes your preteen son wore once; the baby clothes your infant outgrew before ever wearing; or the sweaters your teenager no longer likes, can be difficult. Where do you bring them? What actually happens to the clothes you donate? Are they given a second chance? Do they end up in a landfill? Read more…

Bags of Love

Hot Topics: Want to help WJCS and the Kids’ Kloset create their “bags of love”? It’s as easy as donating your children’s gently used clothing to this volunteer-driven program. Volunteers assemble outfits for needy children once having received orders for specific families from local social service agencies. These gifts of clothing extend beyond the physical as decent clothing can boost a child’s self-esteem, which in turn often funnels into better school performance. Plus, it reduces stress on parents who are scrambling to provide for their youngsters. Read more…

Mitzvah Projects

Hot Topics: When you hear the word “mitzvah” two things typically come to mind – the word “commandment” as well as an act of kindness or a good deed. The Jewish community prides itself on doing good deeds, and by doing a mitzvah project, youngsters learn to follow in their parents’ footsteps and take on the communal responsibility of being a man or woman. Read more…

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