December 18, 2018
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Family Values

Traditionally, the holiday season is marked by thoughts of giving. Yet for many children the focus is on getting. Giving doesn’t come naturally to children, sharing has to be taught. Yet, giving is a behavior that can be cultivated and celebrated. Read more…
When I look back at each important moment in my life: the day I learned to drive, my graduation, my wedding, the birth of my first child, she is always standing in the background smiling and cheering me on. More importantly, she was part of the other not-so-monumental moments in my life like when I got stung by a bee, when the kids teased me, and when I cried my way through my first broken heart. My mom was always there to support me through all the moments, big and small. Now that I have been a mom for a dozen years, I appreciate my mom so much more for the things she has always done with little or no recognition. I now realize the sacrifices she made and the monumental effort she put in. Here are just a few reasons why I appreciate my mom a whole lot more since becoming a mom. Read more…

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