October 19, 2019
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Focus Vision Care

Tel: 718–448–1622 | 1922 Victory Blvd., between Clermont Place and Gansevoort Boulevard

Kiddie Kampus Day Camp-All Saints Church

Tel: 718–698–1338 X101 | 2329 Victory Blvd., between Woolley Avenueand Crafton Avenue

The Gingerbread Learning Center

Tel: 718–356–0008 or email: gingerbreadlearn@aol.com | 80 Woodrow Rd., between 471 North Gannon Avenue and Bellhaven Place | 471 North Gannon Ave., , between Collfield Avenue and Bellhaven Place

Zion Summer Camp

Tel: 718–981–3623 | 505 Watchogue Rd., between Willowbrook Road and Watchogue Road

Results 1–4 of 4.

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